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The move is done!!

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My fiance and I moved this weekend. It was great fun, let me tell you. lol
I am glad it's over!! The good thing is that the only "casualty" was our computer desk, which broke into about 6 peices as we were lugging it up the stairs. My mom and step-dad bought us a new desk as a house warming gift, which was very nice of them.
Other than that, it went fairly smooth. No other broken furniture, no major injuries, no missing items.
Miss Kitty immediatly started slinking around sniffing everything and making sure it was her stuff...once she figured out that it was, she was cool.
Zoe on the other hand scurried under the couch and hid for 4 hours. This is the cat who, as a kitten, chased our friend's dogs and explored every part of the house she could reach, and even some she couldn't. She is now a huge wimp. lol
But they are both settled in now, and enjoying their bigger space and additional windows.
As are their meowmy and daddy. hehe
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Hooray! I'm glad everything went well! Now you can decorate!
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Congrats on your new home!
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