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What would you do?

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Hey all! I am running into a very difficult situation and I need some advice please. As you all know I currently own 3 dogs, one being a pit bull. I have only had her a bit over a month....I love her to pieces, but lately I have been noticing that she plays ROUGH with my dogs and cats and I dont like it! Hubby has told me several times I need to find her a new home, as he has fear that she will turn mean. I dont think shes mean, shes just playing, but all in all, I dont like it! I dont want to have to place her in a new home, but what else can I do? I would have her put down before I turn her into a shelter. I am not that cruel! And its so sad because shes used to me and
I hate to think that she would have to start over with another family, and I am very picky on who she would go to....Ughh, I hate having to make these decisions!! Please help me guys..... TIA!!
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If you pit is under 1 year I highly recommend a puppy class ... If over a year then a basic obedience class... I wouldnt give up so soon but you may need to use puppy time out
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Obedience classes are a must;especially for a pup. Until then, start teaching the "leave it!" command.
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How old is the lady in question? They will always be more playful in the puppy stage (which can last up to 2 years in pits) Does she know key words like ouch, or no? You could teach her to associate those words with hurting you (or other pets) and that will back her off a bit. Willy will sometimes get pretty rough with Lucy when they play. A good ouch works with him. what breed and how big are the other dogs? Who is male- and female? Are they spayed/nuetered? All these play a role in their pack ranking. The pits are almost always the dominent ones, so there will be aggression there. Its just knowing how to control it. Here is a pic of our bully

playing with Lucy

silly Willy

Here are some helpful articles on pit aggression, I hope you find a solution. I would hate for you to lose a member of your family.


the following will help tremendously!



sorry, that was a lot of info---- can you tell I LOVE pit bulls?
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I am going to check out some obedience classes soon! But the ones I know of they want the pup to be like 5 or 6 mos old and shes not yet! I am going to try to make the best of it and hopefully it will all work out for us!!
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