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Kitten Died...

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So sad. The littlest grey kitten, which I tried to feed, but
which would not feed well on the bottle, died this morning

I think Momma Za may have smothered her. Or
she simply starved.

I am heart broke. Had I taken her to the vet yesterday, they
might have given her to a momma who had fewer
kittens (or none) who would nurse her... She might
have made it.

Very blue. I read here that sometimes this happens -
it never happend the 3 times when I was a child and
my cat(s) had kittens (all fixed before they could do
it again.. parents made sure on that one!).

3 litters
and nothing like this. But all the kittens were born to domestics
cats, well feed going into the labor delivery and development
process of the kits. I still have 4 lovely and thriving
kittens, so i will console myself with that.

Also we found 2 kittens outdoors of the same age as Za's -
so there is another poor feral Momma near my house. I've
never even SEEN this cat - so I am putting out food in hopes
I am getting her fed. And hunting for the other kits or the nest.

I will probably not find it *sigh*. I will again console myself
that 2 kits were rescued. The vet had a nursing Momma who
took them right in and fed them! So that's good anyway.

Thanks to all for letting me vent my sorrow. Its so hard to
lose the litte one. I was rooting for her.

I removed the little body and am debating what to do with it.
I was going to ask my neighbor (with cats) for permission to bury
it in her yard. Otherwise, I'll take it to the vets...
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So sorry to hear that! RIP little guy! *hugs*
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I am so sorry for your loss but know that you did what you felt was right in your heart. You are a great person for rescuing them
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I am so very sorry for your loss. Its never easy to loose a loved one, especially one so very young. You did your best for this little one

with deepest respect I will move this to the crossing the bridge forum
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I am so sorry for your loss. RIP little angel.
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Thats awful. Poor baby RIP little one
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Oh, I'm so sorry, RIP little grey kitty, how you were loved.
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Precious little one. RIP.

Its never easy, especially when you try so hard. You did not fail.
You are to be commended for trying. I do not know why the many successes always are easy to forget compared to the 1 that gets lost.
I understand your pain and will pray for your heart to heal.

Now go grab one of the little ones that made it and give it the biggest Meowmie hugs and kisses. it will make you feel better.
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I am so sorry for your loss! Poor little baby! I know you tried your best...and honestly, although baby grey's life was short, she was in a warm home, close to her Momma. Maybe Za didn't know how to take the best care of her, but cats are so attuned to touch and scent...that baby knew she belonged right where she was. Her short life was happy. Now she is forever yours...and will be waiting for you one day.

It is very easy to second guess ourselves...what if I did this instead of that?!? But the bottom line is, what if you had not gotten involved at all? Those babies would be outside, hidden, with little chance to grow up safe. And very unlikely to be loving pets. As it is, although one is sadly lost, the others are doing very well.

I know the pain of losing a baby. May your heart heal as you watch the others grow and tame.
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Condolences on your sad loss. I know how hard you tried, but it sounds like the little one didn't have the fighting spirit to survive - perhaps the angels were calling, "here kitty,kitty" and she followed the call. So many precious children have crossed RB, too, and your little one is undoubtably enjoying being "trucked around" in some very, very precious little arms. Godspeed, little grey kitten. As you left this world, you left a wake of love...
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