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Cat attacked me...worried mom needs help!

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I have a 4 year old male (neutered). He has attacked me twice in the last week for no apparent reason. I'm taking him to the vet on Friday, but in the mean time I'm freaking out wondering what is wrong with him. On both occasions, I was laying down on the couch or floor with a blanket over my legs. He loves to cuddle with me so as he is pushing the blanket around with his paws trying to get comfortable, his body starts jerking like a muscle spasm or something. It's really weird. Then he gets really angry and attacks me! His eyes get dialated too! The first time he attacked my head and started biting my hair. Last night he just attacked my head. It scared me to death! After a few minutes he's fine! I have a 4 year old female too and he doesn't do anything to her thankfully. One of my friends thought he might be doing something that unneutered cats do, but that's impossible right? He's been neutered for almost 4 years! I read something online about "rolling skin" disease and something else on neurological disorders. I can't do anything until I get paid on Friday so in the mean time I'm an extremely worried mom! Can anyone offer any suggestions or has anyone ever heard of this?
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Have you rubbed his belly? My cat calms down after rubbing his belly and watching me play some playstation 2
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Hello -
You and I are pretty close (I'm in Parkville). I'm so sorry about your cat attack - I saw your posting on one of my threads, and I totally understand how scary/sad it is. Your attack sounds a bit different re: the shaking/jerking your cat is doing - a visit to your vet definitely sounds in order. Since you can't do that for a few days, perhaps confinement in a comfortable area w/ all the requirements would be best for all of you.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best -

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I agree, there is something going on...defiantly keep him confined to an area until you can figure out what is wrong, not just to keep him off you but also for his safety. (You don't want him to hurt himself if there is something neurological.) Also make sure you are not using any new sprays, household cleaning stuff, etc...make a list of anything new that may be the problem. (something I had to do with my vet when my kitten was sick.) Sending out good vibes...Let us know what the vet says!!
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I appreciate the feedback! I have been reading site after site searching for some type of answer to what is going on with my cat. He was "kneading" the blanket both times before he "started shaking". I think the "shaking" was actually him getting fresh with the blanket if you know what I mean. I have never seen that before so I didn't know what it was. When I moved and interrupted him, he jumped on me like he used to on my female cat before she was spayed. Even though he is neutered, it's still possible for male cats to display sexual behavior. It's also that time of the year and there are several stray cats that have been hanging outside my windows. I have put all the blankets away and continue to watch his behavior. I'm still going to take him to the vet to make sure he is ok. I'll keep you updated.
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It could well be some left over hormones making themselves felt inthe Spring. But since he has attacked yoiur head both thimes, have you changed your shampoo or anything else to make him think you smell different?
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I have had somewhat the same thing happen, I think. But my 3 yr old cat, Buddy wouldn't attack my head or anything but he would go to bite me a little bit after he got lovey-dovey. He's only done it a few times and I'm not sure why.. Buddy would also start to "get friendly" with what I'm sitting on or on my own lap! And when I go to pet him or pick him up to put him back on the floor, he gets angry and swats or bites at me.
I'm not sure why kitties do this, but maybe they sees it as we interupted their little friendly moment? lol that's all I can think of.
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I know how scary it is to have your head attacked. I hope your boy is ok. My situation was a little different as I was holding him when a dog came in. He completely freaked out and my head was the tallest point in the room...well until this 12 pound cat jumped to the desk off of my head. I still have a scar on my face from it and my head hurt to brush for a long time after. Luckily the scar only shows up if I'm sunburned!!

I hope its nothing serious!
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