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Dyed Fish

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Are people familiar with the practice? Many people don't care a whole lot about fish or that fish can be put in an incredible amount of pain and ultimate death. The practice of dying fish has been around for a while. Unfortunately pet store owners will not tell you the fish is dyed and many people bring them home unsuspecting. These fish often have neon stripes or bright colors. Some include the Painted Glassfish, pink parrot fish, many of the solid colored tetras (ie blueberry etc), the list can go on. They try to make them look more like saltwater fish for those in the freshwater world.

And to top it off for Valentines Day they were selling Parrot Fish all over Canada and some places in the US that had a heart on it or "I Love You."

The process calls for directly injecting the fish with dye, or colored dips. This can be done sometimes with 100's of pinpricks which ultimately leads the fish to be easily diseased as the slime-coat is damaged. Not to mention many die in the process.

Anyway for anyone that didn't know I thought I'd throw this info out there. Its an awful practice and is usually a huge topic on fish boards probably equivalent in dislike as mills are to cat owners.
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Yes i have read and seen this in place.
Especially with the tetras and glass fish.
It is a horrible experience for the fish.
Many fish linger for weeks before dying.
IT weakens their immune system, opens them up for attack for many bacterial and fungus'

And youre right, people dont look at it as they have "its only a fish" mentality. I, for one am guilty of that too, but not when it comes to disfiguring an animal like this practice.

Thank you for posting this, hopefully it will bring some awareness.
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I never heard of that but it is horrible!
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I dont shop where any of the fish are dyed ... naturally some fish are so colorful ( yes evan freshwater) I see no need to harm an animal to make it something it isnt
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Never heard of it. But that's awful.
If you want something colorful, get a painting.
If you want a Valentine, get a card.
Animals, no matter if they're cats or fish, are NOT accessories, or temporary gifts!!

The poor fish....
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I'd never heard of that before, thank you for bringing it to people's attention. I think that's disgusting, just what won't humans do to animals?!! I've seen those tetras and actually thought that they looked dyed because the colours were so strange, but I wouldn't have ever thought that they actually are dyed.
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at the petstore i work at thank god we dont' sell dyed fish but I have heard of them. I hate it. So many times I get customers that come looking for them, or tell me that their pretty striped pink fish died. more than half don't even know they were dyed. More than half of the fish dyed die in the process. the rest get so stressed out and their immune systems are low. at yet, the dye is only a temporary thing in most cases. (I don't know if their are permament dyes out their) It should be considered inhumane and illigal, actually I don't understand why it isnt, when so many states have strict regulations on the sales of fish? the problem is theere isn't much public awareness out there on dyed fish. (and sadly at work alot of customers don't care, alot of them buy fish because they are cool and replaceable.)
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hmmmm.... never heard of that before. The poor things
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I hadn't heard of it either...Mother Nature has made so many gorgeous fish, why, oh, why can't we dumb humans be satisfied with them??
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I never knew this! I dislike fish. I don't like them as pets, I don't even eat tuna...I find the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago boring...although I go and don't complain because the kids love it. (I only like the whales, dolphins, and frogs there!)

However, I find it totally disgusting that this is happening! I'm sure that if more people knew, they would choose not to purchase a fish that has been tortured! Ugh...that is so gross!

Thanks for enlightening us.
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I honestly would never have guessed that people would dye living fish. What will be come up with next? Kitty contacts for owners who find their cat's yellow eyes boring?
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If any of you want to further educate yourselves, you can visit the Death by Dyeing website here.

There is even a list of commonly dyed species.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
If any of you want to further educate yourselves, you can visit the Death by Dyeing website here.

There is even a list of commonly dyed species.

Thank you for the link. It is very informative.
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What a sorry race the human race is! Among other things, we cut off dog's tails and ears to make them look "better", declaw cats so they won't scratch our furniture, and dye fish so they are brighter colors! We do this for our benefit regardless of the trauma it causes to the animal, many of whom we profess to love. Oooo that just ticks me off to no end!

I do understand that declawing is a sore subject and my intention is NOT to discuss that on this thread. There are many MANY TCS members who have had their cat declawed BEFORE they understood what really happens. I am not directing this rant at them.
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I had NO IDEA that they used dye on fish !!! How horrible!!!!!!!!!
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Having owned fish most of my life, I wasn't aware of this going on until a few years ago. I lurk on a Salt Water Aquarium community due to the fact I plan on upgrading to salt water in the next few years. I just makes me sick. Those poor fishes.

Of course, it makes me sick when people buy fish as disposable pets as well. I am aware that fish don't have extreme long life spans anyway with the except of a few species so why shorten their lives any more than they are? I currently own a gold fish and he is as much apart of my family as my cats are and is nearly as spoiled. He's a great pet, never makes a mess, swims happily along and rushes to the top of the fish tank whenever the lid opens in hopes for a pinch of food. He's a pretty social fish. I've had others that weren't nearly as social but they were all special as well.

I just can't imagine what people are thinking when they sit down and inject dye into a fish.
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my mom and dad have a japanese koi and a gold fish that are tank mates they have had them for 5 years they are so funny when you walk in the room they will go to the corner of the tank you are closet too and if you move they will move they are about the same size each about the size of the palm of my hand lol
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We keep tropical fish, 4 tanks worth!

In the 5 foot we have plecos, they need plenty of growing space. Our gold nugget has his own tank wth some cardinal tetras to keep him company. Unfortunately Nuggety has an aggresive nature so we had to separate him from the others.

One of the 3 foot tanks has a mixture of corys and tetras and the other houses our gibbiceps (Sally) and our striped barbs.

Sally is getting really big now so hubby has just ordered another 5 foot tank for her.

Unfortunatly it is so easy to go and buy a tank and fish and think that all you do is fill it up with water and chuck the fish in. However each species has its own preference of water type so research, as with any pet(s), is vital.

The act of artificialy colouring fish does happen in the UK as well, fortunately a lot of our more forward thinking aquarist shops refuse to stock them and i for one would not buy them, not knowingly anyway. The trade in these fish appears to be dying out (excuse the unintended pun!) which can only be a good thing.
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How can some humans be so stupid & insensitive???? Hopefully, as more people become informed, they will stop buying the "dyed" fish...
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wow, I had no idea. I probably even owned some before. I pretty sure my parents did. I'm now wondering if my local Petland does this? Would they have to tell you if you asked? and this practise is legal?
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I have signed a couple of on-line petitions to try and make this practice illegal. I haven't seen any in the fish shops that I have been in over here in N.S.W and my aquarist wouldn't sell them even if he could get them. It is not illegal to dye fish and I can only guess that the powers that be don't really think of a fish as a real animal. The parrot fish is not only dyed but is a man made breed that is a hybrid with,they think, 3 different types breed to produce the Parrot, this in itself is cruel as these fish can have allsorts of problems due to there shape. A lot of people probably wouldn't know if the fish they have just brought wasn't a natural color. Different with I Love You injected into it though. I guess then they just don't think about how it got their.

I have a large freshwater community tank set up and I love my fish some are such little characters that they can make me waste a fair bit of my evening just watching them.
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That is disgusting!!, I had no idea that it even happened!
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