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I love this place :)

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I am brand new here, just joined today in fact. I love this board, it is so nice to go somewhere, where everyone has the same love for their cats as I do. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible . You will see me often. .
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Hi Jamie!

I moved your thread over to our New Cats forum where lots of people will be able to welcome you.
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Welcome to the board! I love this place, too. I've been able to ask all of the silly questions I've had about my furball, Ivo, without being afraid that people would think I'm nuts. In fact, the first site I checked out this weekend when I finally got my own computer at home was this one! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!
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My words exactly. How NICE to be able to come to a place where people feel about cats the way I do!

I also joined today and I'm so glad I did!
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I just joined yesterday and I love it! Everyone is so nice and helpful, not judgemental. I need to get to bed early tonight though so I'm signing off for the night. Good night to all and to all a good night! Now if I can convince the kittens (6 5wk. old babies) it's time for bed, I'll be in good shape. I know if I go in the living room they'll come running out and think it's time to play. Oh God, they are adorable. I was so glad to be able to rescue their Mom and them befoe tragedy befell them. They are God's sweetest blessings.
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WELCOME !!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome, Jamie! Contrary to what Okeefeci said, we are all nuts!! We are ruled by little furry things with gigantic egos who clearly think we're underlings at times. But we love them because they give us the privilege of feeling their warm little purring bodies while they sleep on our legs--which have long since lost all feeling!!
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