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Brand new here!

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Wow! Was I excited to find this place.

I am currently a moderator on a site for WDW and we have a Community Board where everyone comes to talk about ... what else ... OUR CATS!!

Of course we have the obligatory naysayers, who HATE our posts but they continue nonetheless.

I have owned some of the most unbelievable cats in my lifetime...

My first, Fanta, came to me in 1977. She was the cat that MADE me a cat lover at the age of 21! She passed away from at the ripe old age of 17 a year after I had my first son. It truly broke my heart.

My second, Raven, was a tuxedo with an attitude as big as Texas. EVIL! :evilalien But she LOVED me. She died at 15 after a lifetime of making MANY enemies!

I got Rambo when Raven was year old. He was a sickly little kitten we found in front of my apartment complex. He was 4 weeks old and had lost his Mommy. I got him well and he made my life a total heaven for 17 years. I loved this cat! I had to put him to sleep last yearafter a 6 year bout with cancer... I cannot tell you how hard it was.

I now have two little girls, Xena and Aaliyah, 2 years and 10 months. Xena is a maine coon doll with perfect features and Aaliyah is a totally black long haired beauty. They are devoted to each other and get along better than any two cats I've ever had. {pic to follow}

I adopted a 2yo boy just last week another longhaired black cat. {Pic below} He got a bad URI and is still in the hospital until I take him home tomorrow. I found him at the Atlanta Humane Society and he literally stole my heart! No name yet but I will update you!

My newest baby!

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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you found us too!

It sounds like you have known some amazing kitties, but then again I think they are all amazing.

I'm gonna have to go home and make sure my Trent is still there! You're new baby looks almost exactly like my baby. It's almost spooky!

I can't wait to see pictures of Xena and Aaliyah. They sound beautiful.

Hope to see you posting often and hearing more about you and your kitty family!
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Valanhb! I just saw your site and Trent is not only identical to my boy but to Aaliyah also! WOW!

And your Ophelia looks exactly like my first cat, Fanta!

I guess "loved" cats all have a look about them, huh?
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What's funny, too, is that I named Trent after Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Both he and Aaliyah are named after musicians.

This is really getting spooky! (But I did go home at lunch and Trent is still there. So we're not sharing kitties across the country without knowing it. :tounge2: )
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I actually knew Aaliyah. My cousin was her hairdresser. She looked like a little girl in person, no bigger than a minute. I got my kitten about a week after she died. Her name at the time was Merrie Ann, which was SO NOT HER! I took one look at her long black hair, her delicate features and her blatant femininity and she reminded me of the late singer.

She still does!
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