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Cat keeps coming into my house

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At 4:30 this morning i woke up to a loud meowing and it didnt sound like one of my cats and it wasnt. There was a different kitty walkin around my kitchen meowing like crazy and eating all the food. This kitty has been here before though. this winter i came home and my boyfriend went around the house to pet all the kitties and he came to the bedroom and was like ummm.. this isnt your cat. He was all sprawled out on the bed like he lived there. It wasnt a bad day so i kicked him out and hoped he'd go home. But he kept coming back and it was usually in the middle of a bad snow storm so we let him stay in the garage cause we just couldnt kick a kitty out in the cold. We put up signs and found the owner which only lives two streets away and they came and got him but he kept coming over so we started keeping the cat door closed and then last night was the first night in a while that we left the cat door open and he came in. So i kicked him out and had to find my three of my kitties that were outside so i could close the door. i didnt fall back asleep till 5:30 and i had to wake up at 6 to go to school. Im so tired!
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You can get electronic locks for each of your cats and yr cat
door, but is expensive. Or you can keep your cats inside
after 10/11 pm, and lock up the pet door till you get up.

alternately - embrace the new kitty! (We call a cat that
shares him/herself with more than one family a
"feligamist" LOL!!) Possibly he isn't happy at home due
to kids or some other abuse(s) that you might not
be aware of. A happy cat generally doesn't want to
be in someone else's house.

(Besides sounds like his owner doesn't
care much - ALL my cats are called inside if its gonna storm
and snow.. and I actually go looking if they aren't home
and inside during bad weather...Any owner who locks his
cat outside during bad weather is a damn poor owner IMHO)

If your cats don't object to this
guy (they may be friends actually...) and don't fight
him/her you should be fine. What's one more when
you've got more than 2 already?? Especially if he
is not always at yr house, but only an occassional visitor.

Just my two cents
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Thank you for the advice. I also call my kitties in if theres going to be a storm. My moms always like if theyre out there theyll go in the shed or under the car but i still go out and find em all. and i agree that its not right to keep your animals locked out. i just like for mine to have the option to hangout in the sun on a nice day.

The cat that is coming in is so nice but i do have 8 cats and they dont like him too much. I would like to take him though or do something cause the first time we found the owners they told us that they keep him outside and i do know them and that house isnt the best environment for the kitty and we were going to bring him to the humane society if he did keep coming back. Do you think that would be a good idea?
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Why do you think that her home isn't a good environment?

Is she spayed?

Please don't take her to the humane society. They will put her to sleep if they don't find a home.

There are many no-kill shelters and rescue groups. They list them here in TCS or you could do a search for your area. At least they'd try to get her a good home.

Good luck.
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Yes, try for a non kill shelter. This guy was / is owned and
probably can be tamed into a house cat with ease. He chose
you as a convient shelter and non threating place. In all likely
hood your cats and this cat will work things out without much
in the way of fighting. Cats are VERY good at that.

But it would be best to find a good home for him... do please
try the no kill shelters!! (Or place shelter for him outside and
feed/keep outside.)
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I would try talking with the neighbors. It sounds like maybe he just wants to go in for the night. Even if you don't think it's the greatest home, it might be better than giving him to a shelter where you don't know where he'll end up. Someone probably loves him and just doesn't know how to take care of him properly.

It sounds like this cat just needs a warm place to sleep at night. I'd try talking with the neighbor's about it. They need to let him inside at night. After all, you'd talk with them if the dog was barking, so why not a mewing kitty? Also, it's possible they're tossing him out for a reason (maybe he meows at them for playtime). Maybe you can help them find a solution so they can keep him indoors.
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Originally Posted by Charmed654321
Please don't take her to the humane society. They will put her to sleep if they don't find a home.
Not all of them will. The Humane Society I used to work at was a no-kill shelter and there are many that are.

I wouldn't take him there though before you try to talk with the people first. Unless you think the home is abusive or something drastic like that. They may just be clueless cat owners, they really do care.
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Me and my mom have been getting our cats in before we go to bed now so we can close the door but about a week ago we couldnt get all them in so we thought it would be ok to leave the door open since we were keeping it closed for a while, but that night we woke up to a cat fight and my poor Rocky got into a fight with that cat that keeps coming in. So we stayed up and found all the kitties and closed the door. Then this saturday night my mom was working on getting the cats in and she heard them fighting in the bedroom that is being remodled, so the attic is opened, she went in and that cat was up in the attic and my little minders was buried under the boards becasue she was so scared. My mom called the owners and told them to come get their cat and they said theyd be there in a minute, they only live 2 minutes away, so my mom tried to get this cat out of the attic from the garage but it wouldnt move he'd just sit there, so she crawled in and got mindy out and it had been about a half an hour and the people werent there so we tried calling again and they had turned their phone off. So me my boyfriend and my mom went over to there house and the girl answered the door and my moms like arent you coming to get your cat n she said thats not my cat. N my mom said yes it is you came over twice and picked it up n the girls said well its my sisters cat and i dont have a vehicle. so my mom said that shed give her a ride and she sais no becuase its her sisters cat not hers. Then this guy came to the door and told my mom and boyfriend to get out of there. N my mom said well this cant shouldnt be my problem its your cat. A few things were said back and forth then he said i dont care about that cat kill it or call the cops. N the door was slammed in their face.

So that is how i know that that isnt the best place for the kitty to live. So we are going to bring that cat to the humane society and i know he will find a home cause he can be very sweet.
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It is so sad what people do to their cats I hope that you will find a home for this kitty.
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Please try to get him in and maybe in time her will be liked. Make sure he is fixed.
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Wow another cat wouldn't ever go near our property. Elmo is so territorial!
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