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Himalayan eyes?

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I have a 10 week old Himalayan kitten. Since this is my first blue eyed kitten, I was curious when I noticed she was looking at me with the light (not a camera but a ceiling light) on her eyes, and her pupil's went red - I gathered this was some sort of reflection from the light but I don't remember seeing my old cat's (who was a black Persian) pupils turning red when a light was shining on them. Is this anything to be concerned about? I have been told on a previous post that the Himalayan cats don't have blindness in the genetics, im still worried as it seems kinda odd!

Another small thing - Since she has come home which was 1.5 weeks ago, she has been constantly sneezing yet she looks healthy and her eyes and nose are clear and she is very active. She doesn't look like she has a cold and I wonder if it could be some sort of allergy.

I think since my kitten is still so young I just want to make sure she is well and I over stress a little!

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Oh she is just gorgeous!

My Betsy is a mixed breed with blue eyes, when the light is shining just right her pupils are red. She is not blind.

As for the sneezing, I would get her checked out by the vet.
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Sounds like she has the beginning of a cold, definitely worth a vet check. Its also good to bring a new cat to the vet anyway. Very beautiful baby!!!

I know cats can have some strange reflection colors. This dosen't sound abnormal. I know my cats eyes are bright green in photos. They just reflect light differently.
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Blue eyes (and I'd imagine white/red eyes in the case of true albinos) reflect red light, all other color eyes reflect green or amber light.
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Any blue eyed cat will have that "red" when you take pictures. Even the odd-eye ones with one blue eye. Nothing to worry about.

I'd also have the sneezing checked out to be on the safe side - could be allergies with spring coming or it might be more.
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