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kitten fur color question

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You guys seem to know so much (I've learned a lot from previous posts) I was wondering if you can help me. My smoke black cat (White fur under black) is supposedly half bombay. Thats what the animal hospital said when we got her. She does look like a little panther but her fur is not like a bombay because of the undercolor.

Anyways, she has had three kittens. The kittens pics are below. They are all versions of grey. The all grey solid (male) has a whitesh fur underneath it looks like (like the mother) also he looks blueish grey. There is grey and white (male) and also a grey marked one (female). I had thought the father is a white and grey cat, but I had read that the males get their color from the female gene, is that right? So my mother cat has grey in her genes as well? I thought it odd to have all grey versions of fur for the kittens and not a black one. Also will the mothers looks transfer to her kittens (ears, nose, etc.)? At the bottom is a picture of the mother when she was little.

Mother as a kitten:

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Dads only give color to female offspring when it is a sex-linked color like red. Actually I think red is the only color I know of that is sex-linked so in your case this wouldn't be an issue, the color can come from either parent. Beautiful babies .
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Color is only carried on the X chromosone. So mom can give color to both males and females, dads only to the daughters.

If the father was a blue/white, then your female HAS to also be carrying blue as a dilute gene. Black is dominate but blue is the dilute version.

Since mom is a black smoke, some or all of the kittens can also be carrying or showing the smoke gene.

As far as looks, they may look like mom, dad or a combo of both.
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Those may, or may not be the colors they'll keep.
When my boys Vash and Trouble were tiny, they were both a blue-gray and white.
By 10 weeks of age they had darkened to black and white.

Their sister (who my MIL adopted) was a blue/cream tortie, at 10 weeks, she had darkened and is now a normal brown/red tortie.
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One of my cats was medium grey and white as a kitten, but the grey darkened to black as he grew.
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I'd say kitten No.1 is black smoke, No.2 black smoke with white and No.3 brown (or black silver, it's hard to tell by the picture) spotted/mackerel/classic tabby.
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