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Cats running into stuff,,,

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Hi, This morning Tuffy was running around like was on drugs or something, anyway he runs in the bedroom and jumps up on the computer table by the window where he watches the birds all the time.

Well this morning I hear a sickening thud. All I can figure is he must have ran into the window or my computer monitor when he was tearing around. I don't know what he did exactly because I was doing other things but out of the corner of my eye I saw him jump up on the puter table then I heard the thud. I don't know if he slipped or in his crazy mood he forgot where he was and ran into the window or swung around and ran into the puter monitor.

But he then jumped onto the bed and was breathing funny and licking and rubbing his nose and meowing like it hurt. I was affraid he broke his nose for a little while but after a minute or so he was back to being goofy again.

Have any of you out there had there cats run into something that they know is there when the have the crazies?
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My new kitty does this ALL THE TIME. However she has a good excuse! She had distemper as a kitten and as a result is terribly uncoordinated. She will knock over anything that gets in her way, and fall off of anything she jumps up on.

Luckily, she's a tough little kitty. Yesterday she fell off of the window sill in the bathroom and landed with her back end in the toilet. No fun.
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I'd keep the lid down from now on if you can remember it - what if she falls in headfirst and can't get out?
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I usually do and its not a problem. I happened to be standing right there which is why she jumped up on the sill (to be near to me) and how I know that's what happened.
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Puppy does that on a daily basis. We have to be careful when it's playtime because he will leap into the air to catch the bird and land against the wall. It's harder when he plays be himself because we can't contain the play. He runs into doors, furniture, walls...

Of course, he is a clutzy cat, even when he doesn't have the crazzies. He still will faceplant the window if he jumps up before thinking about it.
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