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If your cat was a celebrity...

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If your cat was a celebrity... who would he or she be, and why

I think Gracie would be Goldie Hawn. Goofy, funny and a little sexy (she has bedroom eyes and her butt swooshes from side to side when she walks)
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Is Jabba the Hut considered a celebrity? Cuz I think Bob would be him!
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Deja Vu -- Elizabeth Taylor, because she's so sultry, and does this sexy stretching thing all the time. I would have said Marilyn Monroe, except that now that Deja Vu's got a forever home and is settled, she's getting awfully chubby.

Riocky -- Colin Mochrie

Suddenly Seymour -- Except for playtime, Ghandi

and last but not least, because even though she's a foster, she's still part of the family....

Snowflake -- Greta Garbo (I vant to be alone -- so far at least!)
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I think that Sunday would be, ahem, Paris Hilton. Unfortunately. Although she doesn't like to go out as much as Paris

Sashka would be Winona Ryder - short, pretty and paranoid
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Nate would be (going for a character instead of actor)...Dennis the Menace! Pretty much 98% mischievous and naughty, but still cute!

Wowzer would be Judge Judy. Nice if she gets her way, but very sassy and will bite your head off if you're not careful
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Oh good heavens.................

Trixie would be Lauren Bacall. (SP?)

Petals would be Shirley Temple

Tiggy would be Sean Penn

Bailey would be Pee Wee Herman!
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Ellie would be Naomi Campbell because she is very tall with extremely long legs, thin, black and beautiful. Napoleon got his name because he is always puffing himself up to look bigger and fiercer than he is, and he struts around with pride when he has a toy mouse that he has 'killed'. But that is a historical persnage, not a current celebrity. The others, I don't know.
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Bette Middler. Funny and affectionate but with a really serious commited and kind side. and that red hair @!!!
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Duke = an Ewok from Star wars because he looks like one and kind of sounds like one. He's also quite funny so mix in a bit of Dan Ackroid and that's perfect

Sibohan = Reese Witherspoon, beacuse of her strikeing looks and calm demenor that can turn from serious to Sweet home Alabama fun
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what an interesting question! i've been trying to think who mine are like...
Cable is pushy, demanding & dainty - she's Diana Ross
Java is limber, affectionate & goofy - she's Ellen DeGeneres
Pixel is lovable, retiring & sweet-tempered - she's Marilyn Monroe
Chip is indolent, robust & loud - he's Sylvester Stallone

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Hmmm Simon would be someone sexy and strong.... maybe Paul Newman cause of the blue eyes?? not very good with celebrities. Sapphire would be someone plump and silly I can't think of anyone! Antigone would be A young skinny actress thats quiet, maybe Hillary Duff.... Pandora would be Lindsay Lohan cause she's a loud mouth!
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April Joy would be Audrey Hepburn because she is dainty, petite and very pretty. Christopher Cody would be Mikhail Baryshnikov in his younger days because of his strikingly beautiful eyes.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277
Sapphire would be someone plump and silly I can't think of anyone!
Is Sapphire a M or F?

How about Rosie O'Donnell or Caroline Rhea (sp)

or... Ray Ramono (he's not too plump though)
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I think Meish would be like Queen Latifa in Chicago.... loud, sassy and a little hefty but absolutly beautiful!!
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My cat would be his own celebrity
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Zoey would be Avril Lavin(sp?)

Kandie would be Madonna
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Spot would be Bill O'Reilly

Poops would be Meg Ryan
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I think Z would be, Gwenyth Paltrow. She's so graceful and skinny, and she has never once growled or hissed at anything. And just the way she walks, like dignified but not snotty...
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