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I rolled my ankle!!

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Ok, so I've been doing lots of walking lately, as the dogs are getting older and needing more exercise, and I've kind of reached a plateau with my weight loss and need to get moving to start losing again.

I have a number of old dancing injuries, and also my feet pronate really badly. With all the extra exercise I've been doing my left ankle has been getting quite sore and I've pulled some of the muscles in it, but I've been ignoring it and still going. You know, no pain no gain and all that.

Anyway, last night I was walking around the lake again, and of course Ruby stopped for a poop, and I was trying to bag it, and a Jack Russell went by, and Ruby is scared of Jack Russells, because once she was bitten on the face by one and it split her eyelid open in two places, so she was getting a bit anxious, and then Chester was picking up on her anxiety, and I was trying to bag the poop, and my foot slipped off the edge of the path and I rolled my sore ankle!! Waaaaaaahhhh!!

So today I'm hobbling around like a poor pathetic thing, and I feel wretched!
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Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear that! Though I have to say it doesn't surprise me! Hope you feel better soon!!!
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Lol... thanks Shannon. But, you know, I've lost 8.5kg (19lb) so the pain is definitely worth the gain!!
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Ouch! I hope it gets better, so you can get back out walking soon
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
Lol... thanks Shannon. But, you know, I've lost 8.5kg (19lb) so the pain is definitely worth the gain!!
That's wonderful!!! Are you going to post more pics now?
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LOL! Ahhh, nope!
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Ouch, Sarah! Remember the little acronym RICE, meaning Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Feel better, poor ankle!
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Thanks Stephanie! I was doing that last night, but it's a little hard at work...although it is VERY handy working in a hospital at such times!
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Stay off that ankle!!!! I have bad ankles as well and know what it is like to roll them!! You have my sympathy!
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Ow! My ankle hurts just reading this!
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I severely sprained my right ankle way back in High school and once in a while it just gives out!!! That's one reason I don't wear high heels much!!! Did it swell?? I remember my foot doctor telling me that as we age a sprain doesn't swell as much as it did when we were younger. Can't think of the exact reason why but it made sense!!
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YYOOOOOOUUCHHH!! I was hit by a car when I was 9 and it busted my right ankle up pretty badly, amongst other things. So I have to be really careful what I do with that ankle because it sprains and strains much easier than the other one does, and oooohhh it hurts!

Sending feel better vibes your way!!
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hope it feels better! last time I thought I rolled my ankle, I broke my foot.... any bruising??
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