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Homeopathetic Help for arthritis- Honey and Bee venom

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My 12 year old neut. male has severe arthritis in his lower spine, tail, knees and ankles. He also has Feline Eosinophilic Granuloma complex(unidentified alleregy, presumed environmental), where his upper lip swells and his has some asthma that causes him to snore. I have him on organic glucosamine sulfate every day. I tried Prednisolone 5mg every other day for 2 months, which he's responded well to.He could jump on the bed and stairs were much easier for him. It also helped with his lip, not much with his breathing(although he doesn't have trouble breathing, just snores loud)When I ran his bloodwork, his BUN was elevated 5 points above normal range.I'm not sure its related, but I'm not taking any chances with his kidneys. I've weaned him off the Pred but now his difficulties are back.He doesn't seem overtly painful, but he's a big tough orange tabby with barn cat genes so I don't know I be able to tell anyway...
From the natural pet store, the lady told me to try Honey and Bee venom(It says Natural Joint Relief, made by Natura Prime).She said it worked for her dog and was recommended by her natural vet. It has a cat dose on it.Has anyone tried it? I'm giving him a month(till the 24th) and rechecking his kidney values before I try anything else. Any input would be helpful. I feed him Innova Evo, canned and dry, Halo Spot's stew, Prairie raw chicken medallions, and grilled chicken, beef, and sometimes tuna and salmon.He's not big on raw...Thanks for reading this long drawn-out babble, any thoughts are appreciated. Jen and "Piglet"
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I cant give advise but my vet gave told me to give glucomine , a jt supplement by standard process and I added a homeopathic jt supplement ... it works for my girls ... I highly highly recommend finding a homeopathic vet or a vet that does both as mine does ... I have heard of bee venom in humans for MS but nothing else
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My one suggestion would be if it does turn out your kitty has chronic kidney failure, get him off any food with garlic (at least one of the brands that you listed as foods you are feeding uses garlic). CRF kitties are prone to developping anemia, no matter your opinion on garlic, it can cause Heinz Body anemia though unlike onions, the sensitivity of a cat to garlic varies cat to cat. I wouldn't risk it.

Here is a link to the most recent vet article concerning cats and garlic (you will need Adobe Acrobat's free reader to read it as it is a pdf file):
http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer...c_publications and scroll to the August 2005 Toxicology Report titled Allium Species Poisoning in Dogs and Cats.

Also the best site on the web, imho, for learing about crf, treatments including some holistic, is www.felinecrf.org
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My 12 yr old black lab has arthritis as well and she gets a glucosomene (sp?) treat - made for dogs - every morning and is doing great! Of course she's not jumping around like she's 4 again, but she's not limping around and has a better time getting up and she still does a bit of running around... I'm sure they make something for cats too (check Fosters and Smith and/or the online pet meds places like entirelypets.com)... I'd also give your vet a call and ask their opinion.... as far as the bee venom: I've never heard of it being used to help pets, but when my grandmother lived in PA, she kept bees and she has arthritis, so she'd harvest some bees from the hive, put them in a container and stick them in the fridge til they were sleepy, then she'd basically sting herself with them where her arthritis was... I was really little when she was still doing this, so I don't remember all the details, but apparently it works - I'd definitely contact some kind of vet about it though (if your vet's not a homeopathic one, maybe find one and just give them a call, they may be able to help you quickly over the phone)... good luck, I hope you can help to ease your kitty's pain!
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