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My girls.

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Hello all,

I am new to the forum. So, I thought I would stop in and tell you about my girls.

I have two little ones, Marbles and Trouble. Marbles is a Tortie, and Trouble is all black, with one little tiny spot of white on her chest. Here is their website, which isn't done yet: www.patshead.com/the2girls/

And here is a catalog of all their current pictures:

To tell you a bit about the cats, I got them in December, they are current on all vet visits, and have been decreed extremely healthy. They have been spayed (about a month ago) and are doing quite well . I am a little obsessive about them. But aren't all cat owners? Any questions I would be happy to answer, thanks for having such a great forum
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Your girls are so pretty!!

I love how Marbles' face is split right down the middle with her markings. Trouble looks like she lives up to her name. What a beautiful black kitty!

I have a black kitty, too and find that it is really hard to get a good picture of him. I usually end up with a big black fuzzball with two yellow eyes. Your pictures of Trouble turned out really well!
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They are adorable! You can tell from the pics that these kittens get into everything.

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safron - they certainly do get into everything. Their favorite place to be right now is my closet, which is exactly where I don't want them to be. There is so much stuff in there that I am afraid that one or both of them will get stuck and I will have to dig them out of the rubble .

valanhb - Yes, taking pics of Trouble has proved to be a challenge. She just turns out like a smudge for most of them. If you have any tips for taking pics of her though, I am open to suggestion. I have found that getting really close to her with the camera seems to lighten her up a bit, and gives less of the demon kitty eye effect . And Marbles coloring was the reason I wound up with both of them. One look at her bisected face and I was a goner.
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They are ADORABLE! I have a slight preference to black cats so I truly loved seeing these little darlings!
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The only tips I have found for taking pics of Trent are to have him in a very well lit place, and against a light background without backlighting. He doesn't always cooperate with this, though! He loves being cute at night and then I get demon kitty with the flash. Demon kitty pics can be cut down if you can get them to look away from the camera. Right - look away from that neat thing in front of Mom's face? No way!

I'm lucky though, my other kitty is a dainty little black and white girl who loves to strike a pose. She will actually hold cute poses until she hears the camera go off! I swear she was a model in a past life or something!

Here's a link to my Ofoto album. I don't have many pics up, just a few choice ones! Trent & Ophelia Album
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valanhb - your purr babies are adorable. Ophelia is precious, with beautiful markings, and Trent. My heart nearly exploded, he is so beautiful. I love that pic you use as your icon. Its great. Thank you for the picture taking tips .

Robinrs - Marbles and Trouble were the last two of their litter, and the lady who gave them to me actually said that Trouble had not been taken because she was all black!! Their loss is my sweet, cute, purr kitty gain .

Have I mentioned I love this board already?? Gotta go tell the feedback board .
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Believe me, I've gotten ALL of my black cats because of that "fear".... no one else seems to want them!

Since I nurture and keep my kitties inside I have no problem with the "superstitions" and such. I just think they're beautiful!

I cannot BELIEVE how much Trent looks like my two black longhairs! The resemblance is amazing!
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It's funny, we got Trent at a pet store (I know, bad, but he chose us as soon as he saw us so we HAD to bring him home!!) The girl there said that the cuter the kitten, the more expensive. Then when we asked about Trent specifically, she said he was the cheapest of all of them. I still maintain he was the cutest little kitten there!
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