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Considering adopting a new cat.

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Hi, I'm semi-new and if this is posted in the wrong place--let me know and I'll move it right away.

I need advice on adopting a new cat. So I have a few questions, which I'll ask once I'm done describing the needed information.

First I'll tell you about my house. More like apartment or one bedroom, because it's very much like a studio apartment, only not. So, yes, it's smallish.

Second I'll tell you about the cat I already have. His name is Mister Felix and I got him from from a friend who was pregnant and didn't want him aroundt he baby, plus she had two big dogs in the house with him that terrorized him. I took him and first off, took him to vet and got him tested for all diseases and nuetered and got SoftPaws put on him. So I'm obviously not afraid to drop a great deal of money on my pets.

Thirdly, I work. Nine hours a day usually, but spend great deals of time with him. At nights and on the weekends. He isn't deprived of attention or toys. He has a catnip squirrel toy and various other jingly mice and feathery balls. Which he makes good use of. He's about six or seven months old, moderately playful, but not overly so.

But he gets lonely during the day and I've always liked things in pairs. This is my third cat and the first two I had were littermates. I was thinking of getting him a playmate. Because I want one and I think he woud like one too.


My questions are: should I get one younger than him or older? Male or female? Playful or not? You get the gist.

I'm going to be adopting one on April 18th, my birthday. I'm going to PetSmart (both local locations) and the local animal rescue.

And yes, I have room for a second litter box. I've already made room for it, actually. I use the hooded, self cleaning litter box and Felix loves it. I was going to get my new cat one just like it and place them in the same are.

Any advice would be greatly apperciated.
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If you're adopted from a rescue agency through Petsmart, they are usually very good about matching up pets with people. You'll have to fill out an application, and many times they will even visit your home. This gives them a really good idea of your living situation, the personality of the pet you have, and they are usually very good about making a perfect match that everyone will be happy with.

I wish you luck!
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Congratulations on the decision to welcome a new baby into your home. I dont really know but I might think to get one a little younger than Felix so Felix doesn't feel threatened by an older cat. Also, a kitten may be able to better acclimate to whatever environment it's getting introduced to. Just a suggestion, and there are def people on here who know far better than me since I just have a single kitty. I do foster from time to time, and it seems that Conner gets along a little better with the kittens because they learn very quickly that he's the boss,lol. I've heard that if you have a really needy cat, then you should get a not-so-needy cat so that they do not compete and they get along better. Good luck in your kitty-finding adventures, please keep us posted!!!
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I'd try to take him to a cat rescue place to see if they will allow him to "check out" the cats that are there. It's a safe bet that if he likes one he'll be ok at home.

Oh... and make sure the new cat likes you also. I've seen too many folks have problem cats because they got a cat on looks.

All five of our cats like us, but Tigger (the oldest) is cranky and does not like the tabby cat who has taken me as his primary slave. That results in a kind of schedule where Tigger is put in his room, while all the other cats come up to visit. The dog comes in also (Tigger hates the dog also)
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