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its time!!!!

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I know when you guys opened this that you thought it was going to be about my cat going into labor, but it isn't. I don't have a pregnant cat, but I do have a four week old kitten. Is it time to introduced a litter box all the time? Also what do you use for a litter box that is shallow enough? A pie tin? Okay well also about the food thing I have started to introduce the second stage but he is suckling it off me still not licking it up should he still be suckling and does he still need the bottle because he will eat the second stage with some wet food mixed off my finger can I just feed him that? Okay sorry for so many questions
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I can only help you with the litter sorry. My baby used the litter box (top of a xerox box) at 4-5 weeks. She has been great from the starte. At 12 weeks maybe a little sooner I then got her a litter box. Hubby got the one that swings open and she used it.
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