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Doesn't like catnip bubbles??

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I bought some catnip bubbles from online and they just came a couple days ago. I thought that all cats like catnip... ? My cat, Becky, has always liked plain catnip or catnip in toys, but doens't have a very strong reaction to it. But she will NOT play with these bubbles at all and shows no interest in them whatsoever. So I'm guessing.... Maybe not all cats like catnip? But she does like catnip, I know that, so I'm curious - why doesn't she like the catnip bubbles? Is it maybe confusing to her? I just don't get it.
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I've moved it for you.

My Molly loved catnip, but was terrified of catnip bubbles.
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Thank you!

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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
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Oh okay
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neither one of my cats (salem or ailey) like catnip they sniff it and then walk away.
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Her cat didn't like them either. My cat didn't like them either, but after being persistent she discovered that the bubbles weren't going to hurt her and she began trying to pop them. It took me a couple of times.
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None of my Cats liked the Catnip bubbles, but I got some regular bubbles that were non-toxic and they loved those@!! The Catnip bubbles were slow and very sticky...while with the regular ones they were fast and many floated. They were jumping all over the place, and the look of confusion when the bubbles popped on their paws!!
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My cats love catnip but do not like the catnip bubbles.
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The only cat i have tried the bubbles on ignored them.
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My cat enjoys catnip but wasn't too excited about the catnip bubbles either. One bubble popped on her nose and the bubble solution got in her eye. I think it stung.
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A couple people I know have tried it with their cats, who DO like catnip, but completely ignored the catnip bubbles. Also, not all cats are very responsive to catnip. It just depends on the cat. So it's pretty common, from what I've heard, for cats to like catnip but not the bubbles .......
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Harley loves catnip and I got him some bubbles, and he liked those too! Especially after he realized he could pop the bubbles...
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I have three cats. Two are litter mates and are indifferent towards catnip but love the catnip bubbles. The third cat loves catnip in any other form but does not like the bubbles at all.
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I bought some of these too, and while I've only tried them a few times, my cats don't have ANY interest in them. In fact, they run away from them. They do love regular catnip toys though.
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