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perfect siamese!!!

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HI,.I just had to tell you all about this little girl that I just rescued,.she is such a doll,.!!!I brush her every evening,.well,.I decided last night that I'd try to clip her nails,.they were very long,.and hope it worked,.she sat on my lap,.I explained to her what I wanted to do,.then slowly and softly talked to her,.she held her front paws out for me,.with her nails extended!!!!It was just so cute,.I just had to share it,.she sure does love attention,...My husband just sat there in awe,.grinning!!!
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Sounds like you have a good cat. It's too bad my kitties are not as cooperative when it comes to having their nails trimmed. It's usually a two person job but I can't complain because they are good enough not to bite and scratch during it. They just wiggle a lot.
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HI Susan
I am very blessed with this little girl,.and I am very thankful too,.as with the other cat that I rescued at the same time,.she is very sick,.,and we can't figure out what is wrong,.don't know as yet,.what to do,..
I will send a picture when I get my film develpoed too,.I am new at this,.so hopefully,.we can just scan a picture of Keesha,.when I get them developed.
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This is interesting!!! I have always heard that animals react to voice tone only, but it sounds like your cat actually understood what you were saying to her!

BTW, I saw the thread you posted about your other cat too, I hope she will get better and have many years with you. Good luck with her.
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I loved your description of nail clipping time. Hector (see beautiful but problem cat) is a nervous wreck when people walk about but will lie perfectly happily on his back in my lap while I cut his claws. Pushkin who was the most "laid-back" Havana in cat history, and known among my sons' friends as the Pink Panther because he was soooo cool, was mortified when I cut his.
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I talked to Dani, trying to keep her and myself calm but it didn't quite work. Although she stayed relatively still, she cried so pitifully after I cut one nail that I couldn't go on.

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HI<>Keesha is a jewel,.God,.How I already just love her to pieces,.she is so...lovable too,.and even answers me back,.whether I just talk to her or even more funny,.when I meow at her,.she meows right back,.
I have a friend that is a vet tech,.that is looking after my other sick little one,.and trying
some other different types of meds on her,.and since she can and also has access to many more options than I do,.its alot better for Sheba,too,.hopefully,.she will be alright,..
Does anyone know which food is actually better,.Science Diet,or Iams,..???I have only tried Iams,.and that was quite a few yrs ago,.but can get it when we go shopping,...and last but not least it is alot more reasonably priced,.but is it as good for them???My cats will eat almost anything,.well,.my persian like the cheaper cats foods,.my siamese will eat about anything,.so far anyway,..I don't know where to look to ask about these foods,.if you guys do,.please tell me,.ok?
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