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suggestions on brushing cats?

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hi all

we have 2 cats one has short hair but the other has long hair.

we tried tryin to comb the hair on the long haired cat but he keep moving away. alot of hair is in the flat and not heathly for us i dont think.

is there a more easyer to do this.

any adivce would help


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The best time to brush and comb your kitty is right ater they eat. with a full tummy they are more likely to sit still and relax. Some kitties prefer the glove with the nibs to brush them. This is more like petting than really brushing. Try brushing one area at a time. Head, neck and chest one day, right side another, then the left, then the belly (Very ticklish) and the tail last.

Best of luck!
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Don't let them move away.
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Start by scruffing the cat, she will hunch down and stay quiet. Then brush her anyway. have a treat nearby and talk to her softly. In time she will just sit there and endure it. she might even come to like it.

I learned quickly not to let the cat boss me, i pretty much let her do her thing but when its health and safety related, my decisions prevail. And she always cuddles up after even though during she act of grooming she sounds as though I am killing her.
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Another thing that is good to try is to put your hand on their head, near their neck (just flat...not around their neck, or anything...lol). It prompts them to put their head down and will help in keeping them from biting the brush. If you want a cat to stay, you put your hand on their chest (right below their neck, right above where their front legs start). This keeps them from wanting to move forward.
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You can train your cat to accept grooming. With a long hair you have to make them stand still while you are combing. Do not let them decide when its over - that's your first mistake.

Find a low table that you are comfortable with. Put the cat on there and hold him still and pet him for awhile. Then slip in the combing and hold them with one hand and comb with the other. If he gets too squirmy, then have someone hold him still and you comb.

Show him that you are in charge. Start with the head/neck and chest and comb that out. Then work down the back/sides. Then hold the tail and comb completely. Last is the stomach/legs (which they hate the most). You will need to make the cat stand on the back legs and lift the front up to comb the belly.

After grooming have a few treats handy to show him that he gets rewarded for being groomed without fighting.
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You can use the grooming mittin. My cat would love it but I always forget to look for it. She likes to be brushed Ok for the last 2 weeks she has. Couldn't touch her before.
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