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Monday's DT

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Ok - I am starting this thread early today. I am only going to be on my computer at work for a short while today as I am doing training at work. Training is from 9 to 4 all week, so I may not be by often. I am training in a different aspect of the job I am currently in to get more/different duties. I am looking forward to it. I will them be focusing on this new aspect of my job for about 6 months.

I am very tired today. For some reason I haven't been able to sleep well for the past 4 or 5 nights. I have been restless to the point of jittery. It was so bad last night the hubby couldn't sleep and went to the spare bedroom. My leg wouldn't stop move. I wonder if I have restless leg syndrome. Probably not - I think I am just hyper for some unknown reason.
I will try to check in at the end of the day. I hope everyone has a good one.
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and hello to everyone else! Ady, sometimes medication will cause those legs to twitch while you are trying to sleep. It is a wierd feeling isn't it?

I think I have created a monster! McKenzie meowed all of last night into the morning. I went up to check on her a few times, and the minute I sat down on the couch she jumped up next to me and begged to be petted. LOL She runs from Mike though, and she is a cryer for certain, even if both of us are in the room. We put up a heavy mesh screen yesterday over the door that leads to the roof, and now she can at least see outdoors although she can't get out. I can't believe Mike puts up with all these cat projects of mine!

I have been up since 4:00 a.m. studying and right now McKenzie is being very quiet. I take Barty in today for his lion cut, he is so matted from playing in the fields he will feel better getting all of his mats shaved off.

The storm hit us last night, should continue for the next 4 days. Had an impressive thunderstorm earlier too all the cats scattered at the first boom of thunder.

Have a great day everyone!
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I will soon, I need to take my film in today and get it processed. Oh to have a digital right now......
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Good morning everyone. Today is a gloomy day. It is pouring here.
Its suppossed to reach 80 degrees today, but I don't think that will happen.
Ady-hopefully you will be able to get some sleep in the next few days.
Hissy- Its good to hear that McKenzie is warming up to you. Let us know when the babies come.

I hope everyone has a better day than I'm having.
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Good morning everyone!

Beautiful day today in Colorado. It is supposed to be 80 degrees this afternoon! Of course, we have more forest fires going on so this weather isn't helping the firefighters at all.

Hissy - MacKenzie is making up for lost lovings! How sweet. I've known some farm cats like that, they just can't get enough. It sounds like if Mike would scritch her in her magic spot she may come around to him, too.
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Hi, everyone! I have today off. Rowdy goes to the vet, for her mandatory checkup. When I woke up, she was curled up, against my chest, with her head tucked under my chin. What a sweetheart! At the moment, though, she's living up to her name - tearing around the living room, chasing Opie. Have a good one!
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Spring is here it seems! Thank god, I hate the dreary cold. Ick.

I am going to a new grocery store today, supposedly its "discount". We'll see, my food bill is horrendous most weeks, and I need to find a way to lower it. Coupons just don't do the trick! So, I'm going to try this new place. You have to bag your own stuff, which is fine by me. And you have to pay in cash only, also fine by me.

Just ate a yummy grilled cheese and I am ready to hit the road. Have a great day everyone!
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Today I went and insured my car under my name and now I'm broke.

Good thing I had some money saved up. When the rep told me how much it was going to cost for the year my jaw dropped. Oh well, the price you pay for legal freedom.

I'm so happy that we have a new RMV in town. I didn't have to travel all the way to South Yarmouth to get the new registration. Big thumbs up to the genius who finally decided we needed a branch here.

Nothing else going on. Washed my car inside and out and went food shopping. Oh! And we finally got Brian's old Camero out of the yard. It was his first car and it has been sitting up on blocks(looked like something out of a trailer park) for as long as I've known him. Some junk yard tow truck came and hauled it out of here. Yea!!

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!!
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