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Oh wow they are gorgeous and love the colors!
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Glad all is well Keep us posted o dont forget we need more pictures
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They are all doing Beautifully. I have tons of pictures already, They already look to be changing. Hope is doing a great job. I still swear I feel kitten in her though, I didn't get to see the x-ray this morning, So I a little worried. He said I was feeling her uterus. I am going back in 1st thing in the morning for a look at both x-rays, So I can relax a bit. She is meowing for me now to come to bed I think. She got used to me sleeping in there with her.Lol, Oh My...
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I know it is hard to question feeling a kitten, but I believe if you feel again in the morning, you will be able to feel that the uterus has shrunk more, and that you aren't feeling another kitten. We just went through that with Lucy's kittens, they are 8 weeks old now. The day she had them, I really believed there was another, as did my husband. We took her to our vet, an hour before he opened...(luckily our vet is amazing), he took x-rays as well as palipated, and it was her uterus we were feeling, as well as her bladder, which was full.
Has she urinated at all after her kittens? I think if you are still worried in the morning, then of course take her back to the vet, but it is just so risky to take Momma and babies to the vet at this age, unless it is absolutely called for. I always worry about germs and such.
I hope that Hope continues doing good, and her babies as well. They are so adorable. I am in love with September!! Are you planning on keeping any for your breeding program, if one turns out to be breeder quality?
Congratulations for Hope and you!!! You are an official GrandMeowmy now!!
I look forward to seeing more pictures as they all grow!!
Give Hope a gentle bellyrub for me, and tell her she did a great job!!
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I feel alot better now, I bet that is what i'm feeling. I sure hope so anyway My vet palpatated as well so I believe he was sure. Hope has urinated, I have been keeping it scooped so i can monitor. I also get worried about taking new babies to the vet, I was planning on leaving everyone home in the morning, I fee need to see the x-ray for some reason, I think i'm just paranoid from my last litter. I am planning on keeping a baby girl for my program, I have my eye on September, But of course I won't know quality for awhile. They have lovely pedigrees, I would love to keep one. I will give her a belly rub, She's a doll. Thank you for sharing your experience, I feel relieved now. Dawnde
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Lovely!! They are absolutely lovely!!
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I am glad she is doing ok.
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Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats! They are all so beautiful. What a nice range of fur colour.
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