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Dori growling- her odd behavior

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Hey guys

Dori exhibited some very strange behavior yesterday... I am not sure what is going on with her, but I have never seen her act like this before.
I was using the computer in the office and Dori jumped up next to the moniter (nothing unusual about that) and sat there for a moment. I noticed a very odd expression and then all of a sudden she began growling at me and hissing. My fiance's son came in the room and Dori's attention switched to him and she growled at him as well. She has NEVER behaved this way. I made the mistake of trying to pick her up and about got my head ripped off. I put her down and we started playing with her using her favorite toy and she settled down. The rest of the day she seemed fine and her attitude returned to normal. Before bed I went in and picked her up off the couch, like I do every night, to bring her to bed with me and about lost my arm. She gave me this low gowling noise and ran off. She also wouldn't sleep with me last night (she ALWAYS sleeps with me) but did meet me when the alarm went off and I stepped out of bed. I got my normal morning cuddles as I do every other morning. She has been eating and using the bathroom fine (I called the vet and they don't see a need for her to come in right now). We haven't made any changes around the house, her and Brody seem fine together as well.
Any ideas on what could have brought on this sudden behavior? I was worried at first it may have been brought on by pain, but after she settled down yesterday afternoon I held her and checked her out and she acted like nothing was wrong. Actually she pretty much layed in my lap the entire time I was sitting on the couch watching Sopranos last night. After the show I did some homework, so I would say about 30 min. passed between the time we were cuddling to the time she got angry and growled again.
I was just checking with you guys for ideas or suggestions I have not thought of.... I hope you guys don't think I am just being paranoid. If you had been around Dori as much as I have you would know this is definately not her normal behavior. She is such a sweet girl
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Using a new shampoo, or hair lotion? It may smell pretty to you, but not to her.
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Had you been anywhere during the day that you could have gotten a strange scent on you?
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Any ferals/outside animals in the area? Stray cats outside our house about a month ago REALLY upset one of my cats and made him act kind of like what you're describing.

Good luck & hope all is ok -
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