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Plane crash at my base...

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I don't know if this has hit the news outside my area or not, or even been posted about but I'm at work so I really don't have time to look. Mods if this belongs somewhere else please move it.....

Some of you know that DH finished his enlistment with the Air Force last week and my step-father retired at our base. Well one of our planes crashed this morning. I'm still not exactly sure what happend. Something aobut the C-5 (pig on wings my step-father calls them) lost an engine, they dumped fuel and were trying to land but crashed in a field near the base. From what I've heard 3 people were medivaced to a hospital up north and the other people were taken to our local hospital. Some of them walked in ther Praise God! I havn't heard anything else.

Please keep my area in your prayers right now. I'm not sure if it was a combination of military and civilians on the plane or what. I'm just upset and trying to remember where each of my friends or their spouces work. I'm sure some of the people on the plane were from my husband's squadron since he was in cargo transporation and I know people fly with the planes from his squadron. My step-father's squadron were the engine mechanics. I'm sure he's fuming over it right now because he took pride in getting his planes working right and wondering what happend. (He hasn't worked there in a year now.)

Thanks for all your prayers. If any of you have family in the Dover area, particularly military, feel free to PM me and I'll be trying to find out more
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Here is a link - All aboard survived!!!!!!


I'll keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm somewhat in shock. Now that I've seen the pictures it's like....like seeing something you always thought of as a landmark or a piece of you or something that defines your world is 'gone.' I guess somewhat how people after disasters feel. I've seen these planes every day for the past 12 years. I've fallen asleep to the noise of their engines. It feels like not a stab to the heart, but it does feel awful. I just don't have the words yet.
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Prayers are sent. Thank GOD they all survived!
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Thank goodness that everyone got out ok. My hat's off to the crew...good work.
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It was ont he BBC World News tonight. The pictures were terrifying. It is amazing that everyone got out.
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Thank God they all survived!!!
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I just got home and I pass Kent General on my way home. There had to be 7 different news vans outside the hospital. The emergency room entrance for the ambulance was covered with big yellow tent so it wasn't as visible from the road as usual. I am just sooo relieved to hear that everyone is doing so well! And fortunatley the bad weather we've been expecting has delayed itself too. It's just been spitting here and there instead of thunderstorms.
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It was on the CBC radio news here this morning -- missed the beginning of the article twice before I actually heard it all. The report did include the fact that nobody was killed. I haven't had a chance to follow it further, but the very thought of a C-5 crashing is mind-boggling. I remember "touring" one at the Abbotsford Air Show a number of years ago -- bloody humongous!
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DH says you could fit 6 medium size buses inside them. That's why my step-father calls them pigs. Not to mention passenger and crew space.
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
DH says you could fit 6 medium size buses inside them. That's why my step-father calls them pigs. Not to mention passenger and crew space.
For sure! I don't know actual dimensions, and it's a few years since I stood in that one, so my memory could be playing tricks, but if you told me it was the size of a football field, I wouldn't argue.
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