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I think it's terrible to let a cat get overweight as well, and I'm totally guilty there. Annabelle is overweight by a pound and a half, but she's lost half a pound since I figured out that her problem was eating Isabelle's food. Now I feed them separately, problem taken care of. I think a lot of time it's easy to get overweight or allow someone else to get overweight because you don't realize it's happening until one day you think, "wow, I've put on a lot of weight!" I imagine it would be the same way with having a child. You probably don't see a gradual increase in weight because you just get used to seeing them, but when you take them in for a doctor's appointment you realize what has happened.
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Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy
If I were a parent
If is a keyword. I just love people who speculate on a situation they've never been in and get down on other people. Unless you live in a country that offers free medical care, like Canada (thankfully I live here),many people just do not have the access to decent health care and many don't have the knowledge required to make better decisions. This has a lot to do with health determinates outline by The world Health organization. You may be lucky and have a good education and be able to afford decent medical care, but many do not and are doing the best they can!
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Parent or not, I am one of those here in the US that doesn't have insurance. There are millions of us in this country alone who don't have it, or have extremely inadequate insurance.

The thing is that if you care about yourself or your child [if you are a parent], you have to get curious. Period. Many people in the younger generations is this country have gotten used to things, including information, handed to them. They're virtually helpless in digging things up on their own. Then they whine when something happens, like they get overweight, or their child is morbidly obese at 3, and blame everything else, and expect to be coddled and listened to. We've created a society of whinybaby adults. Blame so-and-so, never take the blame and take action. I'm slightly overweight... by about 35-40 pounds... I don't blame anyone but myself. I stopped dancing at 22 or 23 and just didn't really take up any other strenuous exercise to conpensate... started sitting on my arse and gaining the pounds. I don't blame the candy makers or anyone in society but myself. I'm slowly losing weight now... but only because I'm watching more of what I eat and how much of it I eat. You want to know how I learn about food and eating properly? it's two-fold: my mother raised us to eat right... while still letting us have our junk food in small amounts (weekly trips to a local convenience store for the candy aisle and a slurpee/slushee), and my own curiosity. I read, I pick up magazines and read. I have books on nutrition. I have books on health. I ASK my doctor, even if I'm going in for something else, I ask her about general stuff. My last visit was about my headaches... I talked to her about my parent's health and how my mother has apparently recently had a couple mini-strokes... I asked her if those can affect her memory, sine she has slight Alzheimers... she answered my questions, not padding them to reassure me of anything. A doctor will play nice and talk down to you ONLY if you let him or her. She knows I'm smart, and that I can handle it.

On the flip side of that, I don't go in as often as I probably should. She's never done the general exam. Because i can't afford the tests... last summer, I sprained my ankle pretty badly. I was more concerned, while sitting there surrounded by security officers at the place I was temping, with how I was going to pay the ER bill if I went. I even called my dad to ask if I should go and how would we deal with the medical bills. And no, the ***hole agency I was temping for emphatically told me they had no Worker's Comp. Insurance (which I can now tell you is very likely a lie... all companies are required to hold either WC or Private Ins... they just didn't want to do what is required of them by law... jerks) so I never went to physical therapy, I paid out of pocket to the ER, ER Doc, Ambulance, my doctor, and the Orthopedic Doc. totalling somewhere over a 1000 bucks... for one sprain... at least the crutches were 'free.' if I'd had insurance, or the company had used their worker's comp, I wouldn't have had to pay anything out of pocket.

But you know what? I'm probably more informed about my health than a lot of Americans out there. If I don't know something, I check online to see what I can do. If it's something bigger, I call my doctor. She listened to my seemingly crazy idea that my worst headaches are related to wonky female hormones... she listened and said it's very possible. So we're trying a method that doesn't involve thousands of dollars in tests and such. She gave me samples of a couple meds, and we're testing my theory. So far, so good.

I'm not in the medical profession. never have, and have no desire to be. But I know what to eat and not to eat... to listen to my body and know when something is wrong. I educate myself, try to get answers to questions. I get curious. Most adults in this country stopped being so curious as they 'matured' but it hasn't helped matters. i don't know everything. but I know enough to get by and get healthy. I keep learning and asking. we've become too complacent in the US. No, i'm not a parent, but I do care about the kids out there. I want to see them grow up to be healthy, smart adults... not die from obesity-related illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes before they have the chance to reach adulthood.

I'm gonna get off my soapbox now... as you can tell, I'm pretty passionate about this, among other things. I also write a LOT. Hell, maybe I *should* become a lawyer. Hmm... children's advocacy (with doing animal's rights on the side...)

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OH NO! YOU ARE WORNG! Our students get an hour of P.E. EVERY DAY!
Theya re phasing out recess after 2nd grade because of THE PRESIDENT's
"No child Left behind" crap.

It IS CRAP! He is saying that ALL children will make the same amount of progrss every year, no matter if their IQ is 70 or 100 or 120.

I have tuaght for 25 years. All of this testing is ***%#@%#%@.

I agree that kids need to exercise more. They need to eat less.

Originally Posted by valanhb
There's so much wrong with how kids are treated these days. Not all kids, mind you, but there are far too many who eat crap for breakfast and dinner (the schools are still held to some accountability to make school lunches nutritious, right?) because Mom and Dad can't be bothered to actually cook for them, and because they can't be allowed out of their site when at home. Recess and gym classes are being all but phased out of school and kids aren't allowed to do anything active unless it's pre-planned and organized. And the schools are piling on more and more homework, which leaves the kids little to no time to actually go out and play. No wonder they aren't interested! And no wonder they are sedentary.
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Teachers are pressured by administrators (who are pressured by the superintendant, who is pressured by state officials) to give lots of homework so that students perform well on standardized tests.

i was once reprimanded because I did not give homework every night and because I did not give a lot if it. (I gave 5-10 problems for MAth.)

It is outrageous! Teachers are at the low end of the totem pole, so we cannot do anything about it.
It is sad! Kids NEED to get out and run and play and be kids.

Originally Posted by GrayKittenLove
Actually I watched some documentary or another on fast food, and they went into school lunch rooms and showed what they are feeding kids in school and it wasn't good for them either. I remember having semi-healthy lunchs when I was in elementry school but once I got into middle and highschool it was mostly junk food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, that kind of thing oh and pizza.

It is very depressing that I see really young kids that are over weight already. How hard is it really to make a nutrious home cooked meal instead of junk/fast food for these kids or maybe some fresh fruit instead of candy for a snack?

And don't get me started of schools phasing out PE and recess. I also have a real problem with the amount of homework assigned. All the additional homework isn't helping the quality of education that I can see. When is it that kids just became little adults that needed every minute of their day micromanaged instead of just being kids and being aloud to run and play? Seriously how dangerous is your back yard? And how difficult is it to buy a few bicycles or something and go for a ride as a family or a walk or anything to get the kids some physical activity?
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It is IMPOSSIBLE to say what you would do as a parent until you actually are a parent. My daughter is actually underweight for her height, but thats the way that she is built. My husband was the same way growing up. These children deserve carseats that fit them. It's not their fault that their parents are so amazingly stupid, that they think hoho's and ding dongs for dinner are ok.

Personally, I think that EVERY hospital should require a nutriton class, because you deliver. And i'm not talking that BS La Leche crap, im talking about making parent's sit down, and see what children NEED to eat. For example, chilren from 2 - 6 only NEED 2 servings from the milk GROUP a day. Not two glasses of milk, but two SERVINGS from the milk GROUP. Or that they need 3 servings of vegetables a day. How many children do you know that get 3 servings of vegetables?

I have a friend that has a kid that is about 2 months older than mine, and she has such a hard time getting her son to eat good food. She asked me what I did to make my daughter eat things like vegetables with no problems. It's simple. She knows no different. Her dinner is some grilled salmon and some green beans. Thats all she has, and if she doesn't want it, she can go without. Children wont starve themselves for very long. We use FRUIT as treats, not cookies, and she's never known any different.

Anyway, I'm gonna get off my soapbox.

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I remember when Muncie, IN (where I went to college) phased out gym and recess- parents went nuts and got them back. I can't imagine not having gym, and I was one of those kids who was horrible at sports. Gym and non- basketball and football programs are being stripped in a number of schools in Indiana. It's really sad, I think.
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We're going through this in my family right now. My husband's family thinks I'm just terrible, because I don't think my child (she's almost 4, but this has been going on almost her whole life) should have pop and candy and cake all the time. I won't let her have pop, at all. I never got it when I was little. Once I got to be about 10, it was a rare treat, and usually it was a can split with my sister. I keep telling my MIL that my DD doesn't need brownies and cookies every time she's there (which is 3-4 times a week), but she gives them to her because she thinks she's underweight. She's right around 3 feet tall, and weighs 30 pounds. She's a tad on the low side for her age, but she always has been, just like I was. At 25, i'm 5'6" tall and weigh 114 pounds. My mom says that she is exactly like I was at her age. But we have this ongoing thing with the in laws because she isn't fat like her cousin. Her cousin is 11 months older than my DD. I'm not sure her height/weight, but she is visibly overweight. She lifted her shirt to show me the temporary tattoo on her stomach (something else I don't allow), and I was astonished at her stomach. It literally sticks out and hangs over her pants! They give her pop, have been doing that ever since shortly after she came off the bottle. And gets candy and cake all the time. "But it's ok, she eats vegetables too!" Sorry, but eating some vegetables does NOT make up for a poor diet! She's also got cavities because of all the junk food, plus they don't make her brush her teeth often enough.
My MIL constatnly worries about my husband (who is about 60 pounds overweight) developing diabetes or heart disease, but constantly encourages him to eat the same garbage that she wants my DD to eat. I guess somehow my DD is supposed to be immune to those diseases, unlike her other cousin who now had diabetes and has to stick her finger several times a day. Sorry, I just want better for my kid.

And DON'T get me going on car seats! We live on a pretty busy street and it drives me nuts to see all these unrestrained kids climbing around in a car! It makes me even sadder to know that close to 80% of the ones that are in car seats aren't in them properly. I studied up on car seats when I was pregnant, and I always check and doublecheck that the seat is installed properly (easy since my car has LATCH), that she's strapped in properly, the straps are the proper tightness, and that the chest clip is level with her arm pits. And we always set an example by wearing our seatbelts, too. But I agree that until America wakes up and keeps our kids from getting fat (I'm not talking about kids who are taller or just big, I'm talking FAT because thier parents are teaching them to have poor eating habits and feeding them a bunch of crap), we do need car seats that will accomodate them.

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It's pretty sad that they have to have car seats for toddlers over 40 lbs but it's a reality.

I do understand that there are some children with serious medical conditions that cause obesity (I saw a show about it on TLC a couple of weeks ago) but I do think that for those children that do not have a medical condition...their parents need to work harder at providing them healthier meal choices.

When I was young my mom and dad allowed me once piece of junkfood once a week (twice if I was really good), and it was my choice what I had as a treat. My mom worked full time and still managed to make healthy meals, and now that I'm 27 and work 12-14 hours a day, I still try and eat healthy. My mom taught me by her example.
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Originally Posted by AshleyJade
I have a friend that has a kid that is about 2 months older than mine, and she has such a hard time getting her son to eat good food. She asked me what I did to make my daughter eat things like vegetables with no problems. It's simple. She knows no different. Her dinner is some grilled salmon and some green beans. Thats all she has, and if she doesn't want it, she can go without. Children wont starve themselves for very long. We use FRUIT as treats, not cookies, and she's never known any different.

Anyway, I'm gonna get off my soapbox.

This is exactly what I do! My daughter has been eating things I won't touch, like green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, etc etc, ever since she had enough teeth to chew them. She actually asks me to make grilled cheese and broccoli for lunch. It's her favorite lunch. I've never allowed her to have cookies and cake and junk food on a regular basis. Every once in a while. And she sees it as a major treat if I give her a chocolate chip cookie. Of course the rest of the family thinks I'm terrible for this, but even when they give her garbage when I'm not around, she doesn't eat a lot of it. For the longest time, she thought a Nutri-grain fruit and cereal bar was a cookie.

Little kids only know what they are taught. So if they are taught good eating habits from the start, they will likely keep them. Anther reason my daughter never throws a fit in the store. Throwing a fit has never benefitted her, so she doesn't bother anymore.

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I do agree with safety seats that will make any child safer. As for the obesity in our country, here's one of many that you can read which discusses the problems of high-fructose corn syrup
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...DGS24VKMH1.DTL. I became aware of high-fructose corn syrup when my kidneys began having difficulty functioning and my doctor told me to avoid HIGH-FRUCTOSE corn syrup at all costs. It seems to be in so MANY, MANY things!!! Imagine my surprise when a friend of mine (a cattleman) saw me turn down tomato soup because it contained high-fructose corn syrup, and told me that he thought it was mostly used to fatten beef cattle, hadn't realized that it was in food & drink for humans.
If only our government would throw a nice campaign about high-fructose corn syrup, like they did about cigarette smoke!! Until then, I guess parents will have to work overboard reading labels. And getting informed about other hazards, such as chemicals sprayed on broccoli to keep the "bunch" compact; almonds to have uniform shape & size, etc.etc.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
It's pretty sad that they have to have car seats for toddlers over 40 lbs but it's a reality.
My son is 44lbs and he's 3 foot 4 inches (3 years old) and my public health nurse says he's 90th percentile for his age in weight and height, she also told me that it is necessary to have children who weigh under 60 or 80 pounds or a certain height to still be in booster seats. It's not law, but it is important because the seatbelt is meant to sit across the hip bones, but when children are too small, it sits across their stomach and could cut them in half in a bad accident.

I totally agree that it is unfortunate, but it's a fact that we need them. We cannot change what everyone else is doing, so as long as we make sure our kids don't suffer from obesity, then we are making a positive difference.
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