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Crazy kitten???

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Squeeky will be 4 wks on wednesday.. He doesnt do much but eat and sleep still. Even if he is with mommy, he will eat, take a few steps away then lay down. I posted before he wants little to do with me or my son, petting is ok, but didnt really like to be held. Well, my son had put a little toy in his bed like the first week, (a 6yr olds mind says that everyone should want toys)..And I didnt see any harm so I never moved it..
Well yesterday he started viciously attacking the toy, not necessarily mean, but the way a cat goes crazy and goes after one..
And I thought 5 minutes, and baby would get tired, but no it keeps going on..

The toy has no catnip so I know thats not the problem, and I guess he is at the age he should start playing, Im just caught off guard by the interest in this particular toy. I gave others thinking I would change things up, but he didnt want any part of those. I dont know if after 3wks of looking at it in his bed, if he just got bold enough to see what it was or what..

But now he carrys it everywhere, etc..Is this gonna be his blankie???
I just wasnt sure if it was ok to let him attack this thing 15 hours out of the day, or if that will cause aggression. Atleast its not our hands.
He isnt interested in solids or litter yet either..Thought those 2 would come first before toys. Momma isnt even interested in toys, or a bed for that matter.
I hope the baby's bed will be a resting spot he loves for yrs to come, being that he was raised in it
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I don't see a problem here. Sounds like normal healthy playfulness to me.
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She posted this Apri 3rd. Squeek is doing good. Still stuck to mom
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Thanks, for letting everyone know that was old..He is doing well..Just pooping everywhere he can. BUT THE LITTER BOX..

I didnt have a crate, or much room for one, so I enclosed him in the kitchen, a trick I normally do for the bunny, who is littertrained. But JUST INCASE. Tile is always easier to clean up...

But I thought that would be good for a day or 2, that was squiggles could climb over and get out if she wanted....
Well he absolutely refuses..

My worries now are. I have never seen Squeeky even go in the litter, without me placing him there, So I been thinking he was doing both of the carpet, well I realized, it was never wett. Nor is it wet in the kitchen. Just poop.

Could mom still be licking his pee? Or does he sneak in when Im not looking, which makes the poop thing a definite problem..??
Its so hard to tell because of squiggles always going in there..
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