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ugh...another job = 3

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Yes...I've got 3 jobs now. Im working 12 hours a day, and no rest. And my computer has some type of spyware stuff on it, and I cant do anything on it.

I am so tired. Hopefully I can just make it through this day.

I start this new job today in in like a half hour. Then I go to my second job an hour after I get off this one.

Im so sorry I havent been on here much. I really wish I had the time. I miss you all so much, and hope to be "normal" again sometime.

My birthday is comming! YAY! And I have 2 days off for that. We're going to some clubs in Milwaukee. Im excited about all that.

Just wanted to complain about having another job is all. The man doesnt really like to hear about all that.
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I am sorry you are having to work 3 jobs and something is wrong with your computer!! I hope things get better for you soon!!
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Trying downloading either Ewido (http://www.ewido.com) or Spy Sweeper to get rid of the Spyware. I used that the last time my computer got a Spyware infection.

They're only 14 day trials, but it's good enough!

So sorry to hear about the 3rd job. Is it just temporary (i.e. until you can find something better)?
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So sorry you are working so much. How is your daughter?
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Aw, I hope things improve for you!! Don't get addicted to coffee!
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Aw, I hope things improve for you!! Don't get addicted to coffee!
LOL! I've been drinking those energy drinks alot lately. That turn into a bad thing. lol.

My daughters fine...it's just REALLY REALLY super sad seeing her when I drop her off at a baby-sitters. She just gets so dang sad..And she hugs me good-bye and doesnt let go. It's the sweetest. But I also know that obviously she misses her mommy, and So i think I've decided to soon quit one job, and just have 2. I love that little chic..

Anyhow...Yea..the spy ware thing...Not so much fun. lol. I've ran SPYBOT search and destroy every day, and everyday, it comes up with a whole BUNCH of stuff. Including one that says SMITFRAUD, which really freaks me out because my last name is smith. Wierd hey?

Well thanks for the support, Im off to try & find a way to figure out my next day. lol. Love ya guys!! Muah!
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I remember when my mom was working three jobs. It just about killed her! Well, not literally, but you know what I mean. I hope that you are able to get ahead and eventually get down to one job. That has to be tough! Are you working twelve hours every day? My husband is putting in five 12 hour shifts this week and he's looking like a zombie, but at least he has two days off. Good luck and have fun in Milwaukee!
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