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Urgent - Getting rescue Kitten tomorrow

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I always wanted a playmate for bubbles and as it is kitten season, I put note out at the local pet-shop for a young cat. Bubbles is 10 months old and he not only needs loads of playtime, but we are both out of the house most of the day, and I thought he would appreciate a playmate.

I had a phone call today from a lady who just moved house and found out that pets arent allowed in her new home, so she has to get rid of her cat. It is the same age as bubbles, a black female, spayed.

Now my question. As they are both quite young, do I have to go through the whole introduction thing, or can we just let them together and they will be fine ? Bubbles is quite sociable and seems to get along fine with the neighbours cats, the new female has never been outside, but did grow up with 2 dogs. Bub obviously this is his home, and I am not sure how he will react to another cat. He also hasnt had the snips yet, and I don't want him starting to spray the house (he only does the garden at the moment).

The lady is bringing the cat round tomorrow. Can we just let them together and try it out, and if it doesn't work, we do the introduction thing ? Or is it better to be safe than sorry ?

Also how about the going out thing. How long do I have to keep her indoors, before letting her out (meaning how long will it be before she knows this is her home and to come back her for food and cuddles ?)

I never had 2 cats. I always had loners before who wouldn't tolerate oteh cats, so this is all new to me....

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You may have to just play it as it comes, i.e., if they start fighting, separate them and do the slow introduction.

As for letting her outside, I've only ever had indoor cats so have no idea.
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As he is 10 months old and still intact there is a good chance he will become very territorial and start to spray indoorsd as well as being agressive. I assume, since the new kitten is spayed, that she has had her shots and been dewormed, so she won't pass on diseases (what about Bubbles - is he up to date? Especially since he goes outside). I would keep them separate and get Bubbles neutered quickly as he is overdue.

As for letting her out, assuming you live somewhere safe, I put a harness on mine around 6 months old and walk them all round the house and garden, and intot he field next door. I let them go where they want to explore, but keep them on the leash. I do that every day for a couple of weeks, then let them out under supervision without it. Once I am sure they know hte way back home I let them out for an hour or two a day, giving them treats when they come back home, until I am really sure they will come back. Even then, I have had to go looking for them occasionally. If you are working all day you can take them out in the evening now it is light, and keep them in when you are not htere. I always bring my cats in at night, as that is hte most dangerous time for htem.
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ok, thanks. we just have to hope for the best, as seperatimng them will be a major hassle. Bubbles has to follow me everywhere, including the shower I hope it goes well

And I never had an indoor cat.... I have no idea how you manage to do that...unless you live in a flat of course.
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jennyranson - yes he is up to date with all shots and we just got the flea treatment from the vet.

He is indoors when we arent here. I cant fit a cat flap as I live in a rented house. Thats why I want a playmate for him. He bored all alone indoors all day. I only let him out a night/evenings. Funny enough I feel it's safer fro him, as there are no kids and dogs about then. He gets along fine with the foxes. They ignore him most of the time, unless he wants to play, then they run away. We have one living at the bottom of our garden. I couldn't imagine havinga cat on a leash... lol, the neighbours would send me to the funny bin!

He runs through the gardens at the back, plenty of other cats about and I think the foxes have babies now, so something for him to play with. We had our first dead-mouse-present on Friday, plenty more to come I guess. He also brings in half eaten earth worms -yikes. And he learnt the hard way not to play with stink bugs - LOL
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I think you will find that until Bubbles is neutered, he will attempt to breed the new female, even though she is spayed. Personally, I would wait to bring in another cat until after Bubbles has been neutered for about a month. If the date to get him cannot be set back some, then you will want to keep these cats separate until about a month after he is neutered.
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the date cant be set back - otherwise i would have waited as he was going to be snipped this week, but now I dont want him to go through the stress of a new addition and the op at the same time, so it will have to wait for a month
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If you can't put her on a leash (and I know how you feel but I just ignore the funny looks) then after about a month in the house I would let her out under your strict supervision, and on her own at first, so she does not try to follow Bubbles and get lost, as he obviously has his own places to go and she might not be able to get back. I know some people also put a litter tray outside so that the cat can smell it and find its way back. Mine also know their names and come when called most of hte time as they know that means treats.
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