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Here to earn my stripes

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Hello All!
I haven't done this sort of thing in awhile...introducing myself and all. So, HELLO OUT THERE! I am Kim and I think this site is great. This is probably the only place where I can ramble on and on about my boys. I plan to spread the word about this site, very cool.

I'm usually using my computer for work, not to have fun!
So, I have 4 boys. GoGo, Spot, Peanut (my polydactyl )and Rocko. You can see em' by clicking below, if you want to...


My cats have a wonderful life, well I try very hard to make it that way for them. They have a very cool catery that we built for them last year in our back yard: http://www.just4cats.com/post2.html

They have cable, everybody's bed, air conditioning, food, water, undivided attention what more could a cat ask for?

OK, well enough of me already.
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Welcome Kim. You are starting out on the right foot with pictures. We are a visual group. Look forward to seeing you post often.
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Kim I told you in another post how impressed I was with your enclosure for you cats. What a nice thing to do for them, and they are all such beauties. Welcome to the Boards!

Here is my homepage if you would like to see......

M & M Kustom Kraft
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Welcome to the site Kim! Your boys are so handsome! We love seeing pictures of everyone's kitties. I love that enclosure, too. If/when we ever get a house I hope I can build something like that for my cats.

Hope to see you posting often! We love hearing kitty stories, and we never mind anyone going on about their cats. It usually just gives us an excuse to do the same!
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Your boys are really cute! I look forward to more pictures and posts.

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My cat Spot and his cloak of invisibilty..

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You really have a knack at photographing your cats in the best way! I feel like I know them just by looking at them. Do you do photography professionally?
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Gee Thanks. Actually, I am a Graphic Designer by day... and a cat mommy the rest of the time. Of course, that's in between being a "Real Mommy" to my 11 year old son, awe heck , and my husband, too.

I use a Digital Camera, called the Olympus 3030 zoom. My cats are my "subjects"...I am still practicing using different lenses.

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Kim, Welcome! What an enclosure, and what a photographer. It makes me glad I don't have a digital camera. I couldn't possible post anything that professional! Your cats are beautiful.
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Hi, Kim! Welcome to the site. I have a daughter named Kimberly, or Kimi. And I have an orange tabby named Rascal. He has some white. We hope to hear from you often. I love your enclosure. Hopefully when I get a house, I will be able to build one for my cat!
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You can't believe half of her photo's she is a clever graphic artist (and one of my best friends). She has great cats. All of them, even though I am partial to Rocko ( He's my godkitty!!) I've been getting her pictures for years, I'm glad everyone else can enjoy them.

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