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We Have Babies!!

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I woke up this morning to find my Tinkerbelle nursing 3 exact clones of herself,She must have had them in the night as they were dry. My brave little girl did it all without my help.I am so proud!!!
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Congratulations on your 3 new tiny additions!
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Aw, that is awesome! How about some pictures??? (hint, hint)
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Hubby had gone to work with the digi cam but when he gets home i will post some piccies of the babies
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Well done Tinkerbelle!
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Congrats to you and Tinkerbelle!
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My Tinkerbelle sends a big congrats to your Tinkerbelle!!
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Will post some pics later
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Congratulations! Can't wait for pictures
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Congrats Tinkerbelle
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Please post pictures when you can. I love pictures.
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What a wonderful surprise!
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Wow, that's great news!!! Congratulations!!
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If you take pictures, please don't use the flash. It can hurt their eyes, which are still developing. The flash should wait until they open their eyes, and then used with caution, either with a filter, or zoom, for a while. Do the pictures in natural light.

And also, don't disturb Mom and the babies to take them out to take pictures. It's much better for them all to take them while their in with Mom. Stress is not a good thing for the queen or the kittens.

Good luck with them and congrats!
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How are the babies tinker
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aww congrads!!! any plans to have momma and babies fixed when they're weaned?
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