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Cats In Bags

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Anyone else have cats who just love bags?!

One of mine, Hadley, is a bag fiend! Literally. See what I mean:

(Here, she was kind enough to kick my new clothes out and save the bag for herself! Haha.)

I guess boxes work, too!

Here she made a little chair, it seems!
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I don't buy cat toys anymore, they just ignore them. But they love bags and boxes!
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This was a carrying bag that my Aunt had for her little puppy - Harley didnt think it was too amusing

Nap time!

I have a lot more pics of him in boxes than I do bags!
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What fun!

Serenity had gotten in Sierra's bag to play and her big sister ran her off to claim back her bag!

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Thank you for posting those -- they made me smile! How cute!
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....and here is Loki - a kitty who never met a bag he did not like!!!!
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Here's Frankie...

And Rishi...
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