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Well, not kittens- but babies nonetheless

I rescued one of the hamsters from the feed store a little earlier than I had originally planned, and she had a litter of babies Friday night!!! I thought she looked a little on the pudgy side :tounge2:

I've heard so much about mother hamsters stressing out easily and that there was a strong possibility she could kill the babies if she thought there was any danger to them. Well, her cage is in the busiest room of my house and I have two rambunctious kids, and shes being an excellent mom. She only leaves the pups long enough to replenish her food stash in the nest area and to get a drink.

I can't wait until the babies open their eyes and start moving around the cage Hubby and kids want to keep them all Yeah- I need 10 hamsters in the house :laughing: It WILL be hard to let them go though after seeing them grow up

Sorry to go on so, I'm just very happy about our new additions (now that the panic has worn off )
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Oh baby hamsters are the best!!! That really brings back memories for me! I used to have so many hamsters, and I loved watching the little ones grow up...they start out so pink and naked, and then they get sooooo cute! Before you know it they will be playing and standing up on their little hind legs to reach the food bowl, and they are SO adorable! Post some pics when they get to that 'cute' stage, if you can!
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Wow, guess you got a good deal on that one, huh. 10 for the price of 1!! LOL

Congrats on the new additions. I'm sure she feels all the love in your house and that's why she feels comfortable.
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Well, congrats on your new pets!

I have a question, How big are baby hamsters? I think they must be pretty small . . .
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They're only about as big as the first joint of your thumb They're like little pink jellybeans with legs I'm not sure theres anything cuter than a teeny tiny baby hamsters tail :LOL:

I can't wait until they start gtting some fur so I can see what color they're going to be I may just have to keep one...or a couple...:tounge2:
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"oops!" "Surprise" "Oh No" "Another One" and "OMG!" Too bad these babies have to be solitary hamsters when they grow up. I would like to see you keep them all!
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I'd like to keep them all as well

Apparently Syrian Hamsters are fiercly territorial and will fight to the death- I even feel bad about having to take Kaseys babies from her in 4 weeks Why, oh why do I get so easily attached to critters like this?? :tounge2:
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Awwwwwww , I want one!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!!

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Little babie hampsters are so cute I bet!! We used to have feeder breeder mice and when they'd have babies it was such a big deal. The moms would get so fat!! One time we had three moms give birth around the same time and there was a TON of babies but they all took turns tending to them while the others would go off and eat.

I love their cute stage too. They were these tiny little balls of fur that would run around in circles.
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Congratulations! Thats such good news. When I was younger, we always had gerbils and they were always having babies non-stop! They are so cute though and so tiny.
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Oh my goodness!! I got to sneak a little peek at the babies this morning- there are 5!! They all look nice and healthy, Kasey is such a good mommy

How am I going to part with the little guys?

Btw, the pet store I got her from said they would take the babies once they're old enough..I'm just not so sure I want them going there- after all, their idea of proper hammie care leaves much to be desired
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you could try another pet store.

Or maybe you could donate them to a school? Some place with a summer program. Lots of classes would like to have a pet and kids learn so much from caring for an animal. You could bring them in and give a little presentation about hamster care so they know what they're doing. Just an idea.
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Oooo MElissa!! Lucky you!!! I LUUUURVE Lickle hammies!! Tooo cute!!! ... you could just buy ten cages and have one in each when they're old enough!! I mean... TEN cages isn't THAT much to clean out once a week... :LOL: (Im joking... don't worry.. )or, you could just send tham all to me and I'll think up a good excuse to give to hubby.... hmmm..... lemme think about that though... :laughing2

Seriously though, baby hammies are adorable!! All the best!!
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Congrads - little hamsters are just too cute - well there is another option if you want to keep them. Since the males teds to have nice size "cojungas" you should be able to tell the males from the female very easily. Just make it a girls only and boys only cage.

Please post some pic.
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I would take one if I lived closer!!!
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