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Older cat to young pup

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We've had our Himalayan cat, Meeko, for about 10 years now and he's about 10 and a half years old. He's always been the only pet in the house (except for a few fish in an aquarium) for the whole time. But two days ago a family member got a young, 8 week old Pug dog to go with him in the Truck (since he's a truck driver). So the Pug won't be here all to often but ever since she (the Pug) has been here, Meeko has been pretty withdrawn. The first day he would stay at the top of the stairs (since Allie, the Pug, can't climb or go down stairs yet and we have 4 floors, upstairs, middle floor-where the door is and where Allie's kennel, food, etc. is-, downstairs, and basement). Anyways he was quite curious so he would watch from above the stairs. Then on day two he spent most of the time hiding under the bed in a little opening where we couldn't get to him. He didn't eat or drink much that day (or at least not to our knowledge). Then today, the 3rd day we took Allie for a ride in the car and left the house to Meeko himself for about 4 hours. Today he's eating and drinking normally. Before, Allie was playing with Meeko's toys and his food dish, so we moved Meeko's things mostly downstairs, but some upstairs. Allie doesn't mind being near other people or pets, but Meeko gets nervous and a bit upset if Allie comes near. Today Meeko's been better, he doesn't get all nervous if Allie comes near the stairs as long as Meeko's a safe distance away.
Well, that's basically an overview. My question is, is there anything we can do to ease the process of them meeting? And do you think it's possible for them, after some point in time, to play together and be close and such? Meeko's been doing a lot better, and we've closed off the hiding spot under the bed (since he doesn't seem to come out often or eat much when he's under there). We try to give him a lot of attention, but it's tough becaue we have to give the pup a lot of attention too since she's almost, but not quite 100% potty trained. We bought Meeko a couple new toys, and bought Allie some new things of her own, so hopefully that will ease the tension a bit. Allie should be going with the family member in the truck sometime soon, but we're still trying to decide whether she should go with him this week to get her used to it and to let Meeko be free, but we also kind of want her to stay here for another week until she gets trained a bit better. Eventually she'll be with him in the truck every week, and only be home on weekends, but we want it to be easy on Meeko.
Anyways, as I pointed out before, is there any way to ease this on Meeko? Can we get them to meet and get along easily and quickly? How can we make it easier on Meeko so he's not always hiding? Any help, opinions, or tips would be greatly appriciated.
Sorry for the long post and thank you for any help in advance!
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introductions can be difficult and not always go as we hope. And unfortunately there is no speeding the process because it is up to the cat and/or dog. If Meeko isn't comfortable around Allie, then thats the way it will be for some time. Like you said, Meeko is doing better, which means she is just observing that this new addition is another pet. Just give Meeko all the time he needs. Rushing it may make things worse. Just remember to reward Meeko even if he is just observing the pup from a far. He just wants to make sure the pup isn't a threat. Lots of praise to both Allie and Meeko is the key. Meeko will come around.

A friend of mine has a 15 yr old cat. Well the cat was about 13 at the time they introduce another indoor cat. This cat too was an only pet the whole time. The 13 year old got really sick and did not eat or drink for days. The vet came out to the house and gave her some shots to help her out. She had to be put on anxiety meds. to make a long story short. The two cats now play with each other and enjoy each others company. So it can happen, even if in the begining it seems hopeless.

I know you were looking for a quick method, but I am afraid there isn't one. Just keep doing what you are doing. It sounds like its working. Meeko will come around. It's just so strange for him to have another 4 legged creature after so many years.

Hang in there and good luck!!
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