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I just wondering how do u know if ur cat how a cold. i got a 10 month old cat on thursday. She was found abandoned, in a bit of a state really. Hallf bald. When i got she she was very affectionate but ow all she does is sleep all day long in her bed and does really come over. It sounds like she's weezing but not sure and just a few mins ago she just stoped in the middle of the floor got down realy low and was either trying to cough up something or sneezing.
Any help wud be great.
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She needs to be seen by a vet. For one thing, in the state she was found, she doubtless has fleas and worms and ear mites, possibly other things. Do not try to treat these yourself with the medicines they sell at pet stores or grocery stores, as these can be very dangerous.
She may have something very simple and easy to treat, but it will probably not get better on its own, especially since she's been outside all alone!

She sounds like she's very lucky to have found a home!
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Congratulations on your new cat. You really should bring her to the vet. When I adopted my cat from the shelter, she had quite a few different ailments. A vet can diagnose all this for you and get her updated on her shots.

good luck and let us know how you make out.
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Has she been to the vet since you got her? If not, even if she was healthy, she needs to be seen by a vet and tested first of all. Also vaccinated and especially altered if not done already.

The baldness worries me as that could be all sorts of things. But he wheezing could be the start of an upper respiratory infection. Especially if she sleeps alot where you noticed a behavior change. Make sure she keeps eating and drinking well. Please take her to a vet. The wheezing could just be a hairball however. But I would still be a little concerned especially if she has not seen a vet yet.
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The person who found her is in her last year of vets school and gave her some injectins and wormed her. She;s eating and drink grand, but all she wants to do is sleep. the girl said that the baldness cut be due tot he fact that she thinkgs she lost a litter.
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Sometimes when kitties are rehomed, it causes them some emotional stress which can cause them to be prone to an upper respitory infection which is what it sounds like your girl has- sounds like she's been through a lot already. Please bring her to a vet so she can get treated, and give her lots of TLC.
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