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I am curious...what does everyone feed their cats and why?

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I was feeding my cats authority...but then switched to Life's Abundance because you can feed it to both kittens and cats. I have momma and baby. Baby is about 9 months now. Mom is a year older.
They seem to do quite well on it, however, they have the nastiest smelling stool. The baby Remy , never covers, and mom goes behind him...i think when SHE smells it and covers it up. Anyone else use Life's Abundance and have the same problem?
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I feed Nutro Natural Choice Indoor complete.

Wehave 6 cats and this is the one food that all 6 agree on and do well on, that is of a good quality and fits nicely into our budget.

My hope though, is to eventually be in a position to switch them all over to at least a 60% raw diet.
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I feed Zissou Iams Kitten dry food as a snack and a can of Merrick wet food every day.
Why? Hmmmm... well I just recently started with the Merrick and so far she jumps up in the air at her plate when I put it down, which she never did before. The Iams kitten is for when she gets hungry between meals, and though it isn't the bestest it is available at the grocery store and not that expensive, but at least has meat as the first ingredient unlike most of the stuff there.
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I feed Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul and Authority. Occationally Nutro Hairball Control mixed in. I have 6 cats so if I see a good brand like those on clearance, Nutro was all half off this week at Pet Supplies Plus so I stocked up. I really only switch between those brands and mix them all together.

I feed occationally a wet food snack but am trying to do that more often, especially for two of my cats who occationally have had UTIs and Crystals. They get Merrick, Chicken Soup, Solid Gold, Eagle, or Nutro wet food everyday with water added to it.
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I feed raw diets to my cat. My foster kitty gets 50% raw and 50% canned, because the rescue wants her on some commerical diet so it's easier for her new owner, but I like to supplement it with some real raw meat. So, Nutmeg gets Innova EVO and Wysong Au Jus canned. Abby, my cat, gets 100% raw. She gets ground whole rabbit with raw eggs, chunked pheasant, Atlantic salmon, turkey necks and chicken livers/hearts. Sometimes she shares a duck carcass with the dogs, too. I feed raw to all my pets (exept for my birds, of course LOL) because I feel that kibble and canned diets alone just do not give your pets the proper nutrition they need. They are full of grains, vegetables, cooked 4D animals, etc. I feed canned at times when I'am unable to feed raw (such as on a vacation, road trip, etc.), but I wouldn't feed it as a staple. Raw has done such great things for my pets. They have cleaner teeth, shiny coats, less stools and just generally better outcomes. Well, that's my story.
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Is that a Birman baby in your siggy? My boys get Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul dry and Nutro Natural wet - though I'm working on switching up to Nutro Natural Indoor, I think. Those two are the best I can afford - no corn, meat as first ingredients, etc. The boys' fur is really soft, they're both at a pretty decent weight, and their poop is pretty non-stinky, so it works out well for us all!
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I feed Chicken Soup for the Cat/Kitten Lovers Soul and Nutro Natural Choice canned and pouches.

After researching cat nutrition, these are the best I have found within my budget and easily accessable in our pet store.
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Felidae. Originally I was feeding California Natural but then we found Molly and she didn't react so good to CA Natural. So I switched to Felidae and voila, her poops firmed up and she didn't look so yucky. As a plus, it's making the other 2 cats look better than ever.
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LOL, so the second picture is when Molly was eating the Californian Natural and the first one is with the Felidae? (just kidding, the pictures are hilarious!)
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Mine are on Maxium Nutriton dry and they also get canned(packages) of the wet food, usually Friskees.
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I feed my girl Felidae wet (will add dry when it gets here. I order it online). She's doing far better on it than she was doing on other foods.
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Leonardo and Gracie get 50% wet (G gets Wellness, L gets Evanger's Pheasant, the ONLY wet he'll eat) and 50% dry diet (Felidae). I want to feed them all canned, but they LOVE their dry and I need to be at least somewhat conservative with my budget.

Raphael, who has IBD gets all wet because of his condition. He eats Eagle Pack Duck and Oatmeal, which qualifies as a "limited ingredeint" doesn't have chicken, turkey, fish or any of the other things he is sensitive to. He also gets the Eagle Pack holistic Solution sprinkled into his meals (it's a probiotic/digestive enzyme blend) which supplements his allopathic treatment (flagyl). Seems to be working...there has been little to no soft stools and no vomiting and his coat looks fabulous
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I feed my crew Life's Abundance & I don't find that their poop is any smellier than when they were on Chicken Soup or Nutro Natural Choice.

I had decided to switch them to Innova EVO because of it's high protien content & no grains. I got as far as a 50/50 mixture of EVO & L.A., but now I think that I'm going to keep them on the half & half mix. They are all doing well & so far Grady's poop is now normal & firm (he's had soft poop off & on since he's a kitten).

They also share a can of Innova wet in the morning as a treat.
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We feed Innova Evo as its the only food we have found that they all like that Bumper isn't allergic to that is low in grains and high in protein.

We tried pretty much all foods and the only other one they would all eat was Chicken Soup, but the EVO I find is less smelly when it comes out the other end and their fur is shinier and they get less dandruff on it
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Kandie get s raw and canned ... she would get all raw but refuses to give up fish ... the raw cause the vet recommended it

Zoey get Natural Choice cause that is what she likes and it keeps her soft and shiney.... she eats about 1/4 teaspoon raw or canned a day...
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I use Nutro Max Cat Indoor Formula -- Hadley recently was switched to Nutro Max Cat Indoor Weight Management Formula, though! They seem to love it. It was recommended to us by our vet awhile back.

Every other week they get wet food and that's also Nutro Max Cat Indoor, though they do prefer Fancy Feast which I get as a back-up when the store doesn't have Nutro Max Cat.
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I feed raw because I believe it's better for their health
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I feed a homemade raw consisting of bones, organs and chunks of meat. With Call of the wild raw food supplement. I feed raw bc i feel its healthier for my cats.
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thats the baby *grin* He is a ragdoll. I have his mom too. She is beautiful.
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I am willing to make a change and hope the smell is down. I started on the life's abundance because it seemed to be the best around I could find.
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look up natura pet foods it parent company and use the locator
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I feed Natural Balance Ultra Premium because it is easy to get (Petco) and they do well on it.
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Originally Posted by reddicequeen
thats the baby *grin* He is a ragdoll. I have his mom too. She is beautiful.
Well, he certainly is a cutie!
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mine get the chicken soup kibble - fairly inexpensive, so i don't feel guilty about feeding the same thing to the ferals, but also fairly high quality. Pixel won't eat wet, so i want the dry to be a good one. the wet-eating kitties [aka as everyone else!] eat eitha mixture of chicken soup canned & meow mix pouches, or just meow mix pouches. Sharky pointed out the meow mix pouches are pretty good, & they aren't as rich as most of the quality canned foods, which give Cable the runs. i wish i could find a wet food that Pixel would eat, tho - she's having a herpes flare-up & i'm having to chase her down to medicate her. just more stress she doesn't need - if she'd just eat wet, i could put the lysine in her food!
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I couldn't find any Innova EVO anywhere nearby, so I ordered it online from PetFoodDirect. If you order when they have a coupon available, that helps alot since shipping brings up the costs. They happen to have a 20% off coupon at the moment that expires midnight, April 6, 2006... the code is PET3306.
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thank you very much...
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I feed our four cats life abundance and they all have beautiful shiny coats.
Their feces do smell but I always thought that was natural. I like the fact that this cat food is free of corn, wheat and dairy and doesn't have any chemical preservatives or articial dyes or flavors.
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