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Jack-Slappin' Cat

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I have 4 male cats. Rocko, GoGo, Peanut and Spot. I have done everything I can to make their lives happy. Everyone gets along with each other great except for Rocko and Peanut. He tends to fights with Peanut, now Peanut barely tolerates him. GoGo, Spot and Peanut constantly groom each other, lay around with each other, play with each other but not Rocko.

Rocko, however, loves me and my husband. It's like he only likes people. hmmm.

Anyway, my cats were trapped in a 3 bedroom 2 bath home with only a screen room to "Sun" on. So, thinking they might be depressed and need more space, I built them a giant catery. If you want to see it click here: http://www.just4cats.com/post2.html

The catery helped a lot. It has given them the "Outdoor Cat" feeling yet they are technically indoor cats. Everyone mellowed out, became more affectionate, and more playful.

My dilemma, Rocko still hates Peanut. Go figure! Do you think they are jealous of my attention? Is that possible?
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Like people, some cats just don't get along. It's nothing to worry about. I had two kitties that were litter mates, and in fact were the only two kittens in the litter. They hated each other from birth!
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Over time, the two cats will find their postition in the group and be comfortable with that. I have two cats that periodically decide to challenge the leader Trip for the role of Alpha. Although Trip is the smallest of my cats, she is the clear leader and puts everyone else quickly in their place.

Your cats are beautiful btw!
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