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well after almost 10 days of owning Whitey, B has determined he can't stay with us any longer.

Whitey began to fight for dominance this weekend and at 3 or 4 in the morning will begin to chase the other cats. Early this morning, we saw Luna was favoring one of her legs and heavily licking it. She's fine now, no limping and she'll let me touch it, but still.

Since its turned aggressive (poor Beauty was found cowering Saturday morning) B doesn't want to wait until the cats get seriously hurt. I had told him yesterday that I wanted to keep at training Whitey, but this morning I'm outvoted. Plus I know him well enough that he won't lift a finger to support me at this point, so I can't mentally and physically herd 4 cats.
Since this is his decision, I'm making him find the rescue (non-killing of course) and taking Whitey there. I'll pack the bags, but that's it. I had to pick Whitey up and carry in all his stuff, so B can do it this time. Plus the neighborhood I was in wasn't exactly my idea of someplace I want to go, even just to get gas at and the people I picked him up from were just nuts (really they were...they tried to fix me up with one of their nephews despite me telling them I already had a boyfriend).

Ugh, I Just hate giving up on things when they just started. And poor whitey, his 4th home and he's not even a year old.
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aww Whitey is just so beautiful i wouldnt have thought that he would attack the others
I am so sorry you are no longer able to keep him
Whitey i hope you get a lovely new home as an only child
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I'm so sorry to hear the news. I'm sorry you have to go through this as well, and I hope Whitey finds a forever hoome soon!
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Poor Whitey! I was hoping things would work out for all concerned. Maybe he can find a home where he can be an only child. I know you feel badly that it has not worked out, but you did your best. I would not want to put my resident cats in harm's way, either. We have been so lucky that ours have blended, or just leave the othrs alone.
Best of Luck on finding him a good situation.
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We're going to try again for another day or two. I read somewhere (maybe here?) that St. John's Wort helps with aggression. I know we still have to keep reinforcing the ground rules, but hopefully it'll make it easier. This is our last resort.

If not, B did find a place close by that distributes its cats to foster homes and doesn't put them down after 30 days.

I know, the crazy thing is he's a wonderful cat to own. He's playful, social and very curious. However he's got that one big flaw that has come out in the past few days.
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HAve you tried feliway???
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Originally Posted by GailC
HAve you tried feliway???
I've tried it in the past when we've moved cats, it actually will make Luna more aggressive towards the other cats. I didn't use it this last time we moved and she was a lot better. So I would hate to add to the pot or make one issue even bigger.

Thanks though!
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Well after giving a little of the St. John's Wort, we got a full nights sleep. Beauty and Luna seemed pretty content this morning when I got up.

I'm thinking part of the issue is that this cat was never trained any ground rules, i.e. "NO" from the previous owner. Probably he was given free reign. Who knows though.

I haven't heard anything from B yet. At least our cats will get sleep today.
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I am so glad you have founf something that seems to be working. i have my fingers crossed for you and especially Whitey!! Good Luck!!
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I hope everything goes well & that Whitey can stay with you! If not, then that is a decision you must make. If Whitey is a harm to your kids, then that might not be a chance you want to take.
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