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We've always allowed our cats and kittens to come to the bedroom with us. It usually meant a big pile of cats on the bed but it kept the peace. They were happy with the arrangement and we had a peaceful night's sleep. Usualy woke up tho with a bed full of cats!!!
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Wow... Looks like you have received lots of good advice already!

Here's my two bits...

When we got our kitten, we were living together in bachelor suite (just one big room, and a bathroom), that was really too small for two people, much less two people and a crazy new kitten!

We had tons of wires (my boyfriend is big into electronics), a gas stove, glass tables, a new(ish) couch, a toilet for swimming in, and much,much more! Our apartment was not cat-proofed in the least, but we learned what she got into and quickly removed it. The wires were the most tempting, but we'd let her explore under our watchful eye. A soft but stern "Don't even think about it" would deter any attempts at chewing.

And yes, she'd get the 2am crazies and blitz around the apartment, bouncing off the curtain that separated our bed from the rest of our house. I was sure I'd have to kill her but she eventually calmed down and stopped.

It really is key to play with them when you get the chance, or set up some things that they can amuse themselves with. Tak loves her little stuffed mousies, and carries them around everywhere.

She's three now and has just started calming down enough at night to sleep on the bed with us. So you have a long time coming before that happens!

And, no, don't get another kitten. It sounds like you are just getting used to the one you have and you certainly don't need two!
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Hey there! We're in a similar situation, but our cat is a little older.

We finally got him on a sleep cycle that works for us. He sleeps while we're at school, and then he wakes up when we get home. We feed him, and then spend the evening taking turns playing with him. HARD playing. He will chase a string back and forth, so we make him dash from one end of the apartment to the other about 10 times. Every hour, we play again. Either racing through the apartment, or we play with the bird and make him 4 feet leap into the air to catch it. We also "wrestle" with him, but a lot of cats may not like that. The key is that everything is high enery; none of this "stalk and pounce" stuff.

If we do this, he does sleep all the way through the night. Last night we didn't play with him, so he woke up at 5 am, so we know it works. However, our cat is one year, so he's strong enough to do this kind of play, and he's not as active anyway. If you try this, maybe she will let you sleep until 6 am.

Also, when she does something bad that isn't related to her wanting to be with you, try hissing. That is, hiss when she bites cords, do NOT hiss when she wants your attention. Cats seem to understand hissing better, and she won't think of it as you not wanting her. It's you not wanting her to bite the computer cords.
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He'll probably grow out of it. Bijou had my legs and hands looking a mess when he was a baby, but he has the most amazingly wonderful disposition and temperament now that it's hard to believe it's the same cat. He also lets me sleep in (except this morning he found half a can of cat food and carried it in his teeth into our bedroom from the kitchen counter and was trying to get the lid off. I guess he figured I'd hear him and wake up to help him out which of course I did. )
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I totally agree with what some of the other posters have said... get another kitten! It probably sounds totall crazy, but I bet it really would make your life easier. We have two kittens (10 weeks old) right now and I'm sooo glad we have two. We shut them out of our room at night and they entertain each other and don't bother us at all. I'm pretty sure we would be in your shoes right now if we only had one. They play together pretty hard sometimes which wears them out and helps them sleep longer.

There are tons of options as far as litter boxes go... there are small ones, cute covered ones, etc. I wouldn't think you'd have a problem finding one that would go okay in the living room or one small enough for the bathroom.

Good luck and enjoy your new kitty!
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That sounds like the typical things a kitten at that age will do! Get the baby some hanging toys that dangle down from a door knob. Also, you may want to get something that has a ticking noise, like a clock or and old watch, it will sound like her mommy's heart beat and she may sleep a little longer. Also, feed her right before you go to bed.
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I had a kitten that would do that, I had to resort into not letting him on the bed at all. Every time he would jump on the bed, I woudl push him back off, eventually he got the idea, lol.

As someone else said, it's going to get worse before it gets better, kittens are always finding something to get into, but stick in there it will be over-they do grow out of it.
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if you don't have a lot of space for the litter box, maybe something like this would help? (corner litter box)
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When I was working with kitties I kept there carrier in my room and would leave it open for them to nap in, this great place to put them when they got of hand. (A Kitty time out if you will) Since they sleep in there a lot they would lay down and go to sleep and not come out when I re opened the door after 3 minutes or so.
Think about buying one of the toy where you can set an time and it goes for a while and turns off. I have a Garfield that spins around some short ribbons and lazar cone that makes circles on the wall. This way you can start it and get ready for bed and the kitty is burning off energy(and it is fun to watch).
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I also have to keep my 8 week old kitten in one room. I am home for the summer and living with my parents. Their house is really big and if I let her roam around I would have 3 problems: 1. I would never be able to find her. 2. she'd get stuck somewhere or hurt. 3. She'd never be able to find her litter box or food. Now when she gets bigger of course she will be able to roam about as she pleases. Also Aug. 1st I will be moving to a small apartment which will be safer for her. Anyway my cat doesn't seem to have as the behavior problems that your baby does but I just wanted to tell you that when I am home I play with her a lot. Infact I think she gets tired of me,lol I also take her everywhere I go (unless she cant go). But it sounds to me like you are never home because of your job and when you are home you only have time to sleep. How much time does your girlfriend spend at home? Are you able to play with your cat at all? Maybe you guys don't need a cat, you sound really busy. (or maybe you should get another cat. for her to interact with.) I'd hate to have to tell you to get rid of her. what kind of cat is she?
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