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Help my Labouring cat

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hi everyone well my beautiful cat Amber is at the present time in labour, there is a very small amount of water in her kittening box but they have not yet completely gone.However you can see that she is contracting because her back legs and hind are bearing down. But no sign yet of any kitten.Is this ok as before when our other cat sapphire was pregnant she was lying in the kitchen her waters broke then she gave birth quickly to 5 lovely babes so I am a little naive concerning the full birthing process. Amber is meowing now and then,she was a house cat but unfortunatley got out in the last week of January.
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Hi and welcome to TCS

I have moved your post to the pregnant cats forum where you will be more likely to get the answers you need.

Please read over this thread.


There is a lot of useful information inside.

Good Luck and please keep us posted.
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Here's some info I got from AbbysMom's link

While most deliveries go without a hitch, if your queen experiences HARD labor for an hour and has not delivered a kitten, you should be concerned. Do NOT let anyone talk you into letting a cat continue in hard labor for more than two hours. (I tend to panic and phone the vet after one hour). It may be a simple problem where your vet can manually turn a kitten into a better delivery position. However, it could mean the kitten is just too large to deliver or it could even mean a torn uterus. In either case, a cat could labor forever and not deliver. Sometimes a cat needs a C-section but sometimes she just needs more expert help than you can give. Occasionally, labor stops and the veterinarian will give Oxytocin to start contractions again.
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My only advice is to make sure she remains indoors only unti the kittens are weaned and she can be safely spayed.

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i remember a fond memory of my late tobey's pregnancy, she was a house cat and got out a couple of times, this was enough to get her pregnant though i had no idea she was. i was watching tv one night while my partner was at work. She came up unto the couch acting very strange just sitting beside me and purring and then let a yelp out of her, i looked down and i seen what i though was a rat lol i jumped up terrified but realised it was a kitten, i cried with being so overwhelmed and quickly fetched towels to help her, she had 4 kittens all within a quick space of half an hour to 45 mins. they where all healthy and well cared for by mother. she purred throughout and was so thrilled with them. my partner was so chuffed about the deliveries.

it was a struggle in the days to come as tobey moved her brood to the most unusual places like under cabinets and behind the tv. and when they started to walk it was hilarious i couldnt keep track of them, not to mention the fun and horror of potty training. i grew attached to one and name her molly she was grey and white but later developed to black and white. tobey and molly are both dead now, tobey was poisoned and molly was hit head on by a car while chasing a mouse across the road. they where both so much loved and memories they gave me i cherish daily.

enjoy every moment of your cats labour and the days to come.
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How is your little Momma kitty doing? Any updates?
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