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Caption This #0950  

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Picture by Zoe'n'MissKitty
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I know you're in there, brat. You'll have to come out someday.

(Kind of reminds me of when Topaz first arrived. )
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I know where you are it's only a matter of time!
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i'm sorry mommy...i didn't mean to bite your tail...
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be very afraid
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what did I tell you about hiding under there!!!
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You might as well come out now because you have to eat at some point!
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You don't know ti yet... but i'm about to jump on your head
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"And this one is called "the earplane"...
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HA! I found you! Now you count to 25 and I will go hide!
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(Poem not mine.)

Gather 'round, my kitties
Come to Mamma Blue
We have to have you minding,
or what's a mom to do?

I called you for your supper
So clean your coats like silk
Come all of you out of the cupboard
Right now and have some milk!
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I brought you in this world I will take you out so get your furry tail out of there now.
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this mirror... it does odd things with my markings
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when you come out of there I'm sooo gunna turn you into one of mum's slippers.
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if I sit really still I'll go unnoticed!
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Eye spy with my little kitty eye. hahaha. Something that is striped.
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Faceoff: Starring KittyTravolta and FattyCage
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"3. 2. 1... Ready or not, here I---ugh, I can see you from here"
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So, you thought when you got them to bring you home from the pet store you had it made didn't you?
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Is that a mirror? Is that what I really look like?
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I think this camouflage is working, hehe, she cant see a thing.
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Ding Dong.....avon Calling!
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Ha ha, I win! You blinked first!

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I dont want to play with you. You cheated....
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