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Picture by Tuftus
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No, really. Lean over a little more and you'll see the goldfish. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
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-Isn't he supposed to come up for air?

-Should we go in after him??

-No way, I hate water.
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I'm not getting in there, you get in there
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See, what the humans do to get clean, is they submerse themselves in this large litterbox filled with water Bast knows why they don't simply lick themselved like us!
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wow it looks much smaller under water
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"You go first, then I'll jump in right after you.... I promise"
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Go ahead, see if you can walk on water!
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You go first.

No you.

No YOU go first. And let me know what the white stuff tastes like!
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1:The neighbor's cat says that there are treats under the white stuff.

2: Oh, great. Leave for just one second and this thing eats them! NOW who'll feed us?! MEOOOOOOOWWW! MEEEOWWWW!
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Closer....Closer........(evil grin)
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What is it?

It looks to be some kind of strange, alien, substance.

Can I touch it?

Suuuurrrre *gets ready to push other cat into tub*
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I jumped in there once... mind you, only once. That stuff is powerful WET!
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OH man, it's not that time of year again is it?
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Phew, aren't you glad you're not a dog?
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-Purrsonally, I do prefer the lavender scented bubbles to the jasmine, wouldn't you agree?
-Oh, yes, lavender indeed...we must go tell the human.
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Wow Sylvester, thats a new world record, 3 hours and 20 minutes.
you can come out now.........
um... Sylvester?
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if you go in I will go in after you, I promise.
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Go on, I dare ya!!
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-Maybe.. just maybe there's something under that big puddle of pee?

-SO you'll go in there?
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"See! This is why those silly humans don't have any fur left!"
"I know but she insists on it instead of licking, don't they know that white stuff is bad for your pores, and is MURDER on your fur?"
*together* "HUMANS!"
"Ahh they make good pets lol"
"And entertainment too"
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Bubbles, bubbles , my bubbles! you can't have them they're my bubbles!!
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Is that why meowmy doesn't have a nice shiny glossy coat like us? Go ahead, lean a little closer! Try it out - let's see if the white stuff changes your coat too!
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-do you want to eat that sausage or shall i

-you can have it, its all wet and i hate water
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- those humans are seriously strange - you see what they do, they sit in water for aaaaages, why!

- I know, it's so strange, no wonder their fur is so patchy.
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"thats too much water it cant be for us"
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"I dare you. No, I double dare you."
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-Peanut says that white stuff is tasty.
-But Peanut also thinks carpet is tasty!
-Oh yeah, nevermind. I wasn't gonna try it anyway.
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"Dude, don't tell me you're gonna try to drink us out of a bath again. Remember what happened last time? You were pissing bubbles for a week!"

"Shut up and start drinking!"
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