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Caption This #0946  

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Picture by TobySis
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Oh, my. Am I too young to see the human without his towel?
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Excuse me? That goes where??
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Don't ever say boo again, my mommy will get you
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see, if you eat too much, you'll get fat like meowmy!
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"Do you think we have enough time to hide before she comes in the door?"
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"Where's their fur? These are the weirdest cats ever!"
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"Now, Darling, this is one of the most important parts of life in a Human House: How to stay on the bed as long as possible, and still not be caught there!"
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Watch what happens when that spider lands on her head!heehee
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Ewww! Please, put on some clothes!
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You're right Mommy... humans do look funny without their clothes on
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EW mum make it go away! I'll have nightmares!
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Mommy, see that mouse over there? Should we go and catch it?
No, fluffy, sounds too much like work. Too comfy here.
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"could you not interrupt us again, please. thank you....%*^%(*"
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