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Cook for Kitty?

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Who here cooks for their Cat or shares food with them. We eat a lot of roast chicken. The cats know the drill. When they hear that pan slide out of the oven it's chow time. When I make my lunch for the day in the morning they are there. I'll give them tidbits if it's not too spicy. ( I love cajun spices). We have gone out of the way too cook for them but only when they have been sick and eating was an issue. Seems cats will eat boiled hotdog even when they won't eat anything else.
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my cats wont even eat fresh fish, so we are having a hard time feeding them food.
They will only eat certain cat foods, and Ham
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Your cats eat hot dogs? Most of ours turn their noses up at people food. They'll beg for some, but then they usually won't eat it. Why would a cat not like cheese or egg? Nutty cats.

Ace, however, has a sixth sense about chicken. He loooooves chicken, and any time there is chicken around, he hovers. I can take the bag of chicken breasts out of the freezer, and somehow—though I very much doubt he can smell it—he is in the kitchen like a flash making a total nuisance of himself.

So yes, we do give them little bits of chicken, and the ones who like fish get to clean out the tuna cans. We don't feed them from the table, though. They beg as it is; I can't imagine how much worse it would be if we fed them table scraps.
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Harley only really eats Chicken if I cook it for him (with no spices, ect. of course!) just a little bit, but he enjoys it anyways
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Well, there isn't much meat around here aside from cat food, but Zissou will eat anything but peanuts.
I made her an egg once, but she only ate a little bit.
She loves extra sharp cheddar though---so do I!
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I don't give Conner any people food. He begs for it, but doesn't like it. Well, he does like a bite of tomato every now and then, but that is it.
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Gracie would eat gravel if you put it in front of her. She hovers over every meal regardless of what we're eating. She likes potatos and apples and green beans....she's quick, too! Leo will eat plain baked or boiled chicken or milk ( I know they're not supposed to have it, but he's never had a problem getting it through his system), and Raphie can't have people food since he has IBD.
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I don't feed my cats any people food, with the exception of an occasional bit of chicken with nothing on it, and maybe a green bean or pea now and then. They're so not used to getting it, only really Bob and Timmy, who were feral and stray and used to eating anything, will try it.
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Zakk will eat pretty much anything that is meat or dairy. He is not allowed to have milk b/c he once drank a small bit (he stole it!) and got sick. He has even licked my husband's plate of spaghetti to eat the powdered cheese. Rocky isn't very interested in human food. Cookie will eat a nip of meat here and there- he also seems very interested when I am shredding lettuce and pulls a piece out of the bowl, but I don't think he actually eats it. Suzie will eat the same as cookie, but she is too nervous to hover when we are cooking.
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Devin loves to sit and watch people eat. And of course, guests always ask if they can feed him (eventhough he doesnt beg?) and I tell them sure...of course he doesnt even eat it. Unless I give it to him, he refuses. He loves to bat it off the table and play with it though...

For example, green beans get carried off to under the bed.
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Shasta (RB) loved lots of people food, and demanded her share. Lots of things, I've learned since then, I probably shouldn't have given her, but she lived to 21 with no health problems, so All meats, but especially the smoked ones, all cheeses except the processed junk, any and all fish.. well, you get the picture. Gryphon and Nibs (also both RB) when they joined her didn't know about treats, but soon learned. Those three ate EVERYTHING, and some of it I cooked for them particularly (like salmon).

Suzy (and RB Sam), Cindy and Fawn? Based on the experience with SGN, I've offered them lots of things, and they look at me as if I just stepped off a ship from Mars. DO not offer them fish -- it is total anathema. Cook for them? What's the point? They aren't interested.
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Pudge will try any food she sees me eat. She truly is a tiny vacuum cleaner when it comes to food. I once left a poptart on a plate for a moment and came back to find her eating it (this was quite a few months ago. i didn't think she'd be interested in it).
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That chicken looks
I sometimes cook my cats' meals. They like boiled or broiled fish (especially tuna), shrimps, chicken and beef.
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I cook chicken for my cats, plain no spices or anyting and they love it!
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Mine won't touch chicken, turkey, or fish They've has fresh salmon, and fresh prawns if you please and snubbed it!.

I used to grill them a little steak and finely chop it up for them which they loved, but i did some for their birthdays last month where the pair of them just sniffed at it in their bowls and walked away like i'd given them the cheapest meat going!
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Ours get very little people food, but on special occasions they get shrimp. 12 seconds in the microwave per large shrimp is purrfect for them.
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Zakk hadn't had a piece of shrimp in months. Last night I decided to make some and put them in the strainer with the water going. Sure enough, he jumped right up to try to get one out. He is a bad kitty, and was rewarded with one from me, which he promptly lost under the fridge, but it was rescued. He even got an extra one b/c he finished it real quick.
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Peter is obsessive about Turkey! He can hear you unwrap the deli stuff and bam! He is climbing the cabinets demanding/begging for his share which I more than ours if we allowed. Oh! And baking a turkey is sure to keep Pete in the kitchen under foot until it is done and he gets a bit.

Comet loves bacon in the morning and uses my leg as a scratching post until he gets some. It don't take but once or twice to condition me.

I found a receipe for cat crackers that I am going to make for them one of these days.
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Saphhire doesn't eat people food hardly at all- she'll eat a couple bites of tuna and that's it! no cheese or chicken- very strange kitty, Simon on the other hand tries to take my hand off to get to whatever it is I'm giving him! He really likes an occasional french fry
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