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Some good news about Rusty,,,

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Rusty is our youngest cat, he was supost to be my cat because I helped raise him from a tiny kitten along with 2 of his brothers and sister that the mom cat stopped taking care of. Sad to say we lost 2 of Rusty's brothers when they were little. One of the 2 that died was to be my kitten. I was heart broken when they died. So the owner of the kittens let me keep Rusty instead. We also almost lost Rusty when he was small because he must of developed a allergy to the replacement formula or his tummy just didn't like it. He would drink the formula ok but I didn't realize that a while after he drank he would throw it all back up. So he was basicaly starving, So we got some kitten food and lucky for me he was big enough to eat it and drink just water and he has grown into a beautiful kitty cat.

But as he got bigger he didn't want to have anything to do with me. I couldn't even pet him. I wonder if he blamed me for making him sick with the milk or something? It bothered me that he would never come by me or let me pet him. So I gave up trying to force him to trust me for a long time. I didn't really consider him as my cat anymore, he was just another cat to feed and clean up after.

Now the good news, The last couple weeks he has started to want to be by me and and he will even reach out to me to pet him. And he also just started to scatch at the bathroom door if I am in there till I let him in, he then purrs and bugs me till I pet him and play with him. He will even let me hold him up by the back door window so he can see outside. I think he is about 1 1/2 years old now. I don't know why the change in him lately but I am happy he is starting to trust me more and more and he is figuring out I won't hurt him.

I wonder if he sees me and Tuffy and how we get along and he is realizing that I am not such a bad guy? I guess the reasons don't really matter, I am just happy he is starting to be what I wanted him to be all along. He even comes by me when I am laying in bed and he digs at the blankets next to my head till I lift them up so he can crawl under the covers next to me.

He started to be more friendly to me when I had to start feeding Missy soft food. Rusty would also act like he was real hungry so now when I feed Missy I give Rusty some soft food also. He eats the dry nutro [he eats allot of the dry stuff] So maybe me giving him the soft food is making him happy with me?

I didn't mean this post to turn into such a long one but I just wanted to tell a little history of the whole story with Rusty.

I am just very happy that he is changing his opinion of me.

I wish I could get some nice pics of Rusty but he will not sit there and pose real nice like Tuffy does. When ever I try he gets jumpy and looks away so I can't get a good picture of his face. I have to see if I can catch him sleeping some time. I think he is the best looking kitty we have, he has huge feet and a very thick and long tail, if he is still growing into his feet and tail he will be huge.
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What a great story, I'm so glad he's coming around and trusting you. It should get better.

You shouldn't blame yourself or think he's angry at you. Actually, that kind of behavior is fairly common in cats who have been orphaned or abandoned by the mother too early. So is being a nervous or skittish cat. You'd think it would be the other way around because they spend more time with people and depend on them more, but for some reason it's not.

If he likes the wet food, give him more of it if it helps. Actually, having a 1/2 wet food 1/2 dry food diet is better for him, especially since he's a male. And interestingly, as someone here told me, cats don't like being ignored, so you giving attention to the other cat, and finally giving up and not trying so hard wtih him probably helped too.

It took my Deja Vue about 7 months after I took her in to begin to warm up, but she is just beginning to. Up until now she was friendly enough, but stayed more to herself until recently when she's become more affectionate and is seeking out my attention. It feels great, doesn't it?

It's to your credit that he is coming around, even though it took some time. Coingratulations!
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Here is another pic of Rusty sleeping in wife's clothes basket.
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It's all about the lovin'! So glad Rusty has become more of a love bug. You were right not to try and force attention on him, that would've made him worse.
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Originally Posted by Tom W

Here is another pic of Rusty sleeping in wife's clothes basket.

What a Cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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