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Tommy & Charlie have colds

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Tommy was the first to start he was sneezing and had runny eyes.

We took him straight to the vet she said he has a cold and not to worry it wasn't cat flu.

She also said the others will get it and gave us a prescription to get some medicine for all of them.

Tommy did have an injection just in case bit she said they should get over it on their own it was nothing serious.

Then Charlie started sneezing but he seems more blocked up than Tommy and is breathing through his mouth sometimes. Gonna try and find a chemist open today to get the mediciine, its Sunday and most are shut.

Wish we had got the medicine Saturday

Jade also started to sneeze late last night.

Now worried my boarders will get it, but they are seperate and there are two wire fences between them and the outside. I am also very carefull when I clean and feed then trying to restrict contact.

Do they need direct contact to catch it?

I didn't realise cats caught colds thought it was cat flu or nothing ?

How long will they take to get over it ?

They are fine in themseves still eating and running round like idiots, sleeping on the beds and keeping us awake with the sneezing.
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10+/- days to get over it. They need antibiotics to prevent a bacterial infection and possibly eye cream. Putting them in the bathroom with a hot shower going can loosen the mucous in their nose, and/or 1 drop of non-medicated saline spray in each nostril (salt water in a spray bottle available at pharmacys) twice per day.

Watch for progressive appetite loss due to inability to smell food. Treat with smellier food to penetrate nostrils, or failing that ask for instructions from your vet on hand feeding (force feeding) should it come to that, hopefully it won't. For more info read http://www.thecatsite.com/Health/92/...ue-Groups.html

[edit] They mostly catch it from direct contact or close proximity as the virus is airborne within a few feet of a sneezing cat (just like with humans) and they can catch it from contaminated clothing, your hands, etc if not properly washed. And there are all sorts of viral upper resipartory infections (colds) that cats can catch, some chronic in nature like feline herpes (Rhinotracheitis). Once they're over it (and not at all sick) they should be vaccinated for some of these URI's if they are not vaccinated already. The FVRCP vaccine is a standard in the usa that covers URI's and distemper.

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Thanks Stephen

Tommy is much better just sneezing a little bit I think he is over the worst.

They are all vaccinated, running a cattery I think vaccination of my own cats is top priority.

I am very carefull about my clothes and hands when I feed or clean the boarding cats and they are well away from the house so fingers crossed.

Jade only sneezed once last night and is perfectly well today. The vet has prescribed antibiotics which I will pick up tonight when OH returns with the car. I will try and help Charlie by creating steam but it is so hot here that may be a problem even in the bathroom. He too seems a little better today, neither have gone off food and Charlie was in the pool area today chasing birds and lizards LOl.

Fingers crossed they do not get any secondary infections, if Jade does not go down with it I would be most surprised, although she is an older cat and may have more immunity.
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Glad to hear they are feeling better. I first posted my similar situation here, but then moved it to a new thread.
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Casa, i'm glad they're improving! what's it like to live in the Canary Islands?
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Took Charlie to the vets today as i was worried, the vet says he is fine (just a meowmy who worries too much) she has however given him cortozone injections because his throat is inflamed.

Both he and Tommy have to carry on with medicine because it is an anibiotic and Charlie has to go back every day this week for more injections.

Jade & Sol still not showing signs, fingers crossed.

The Canary Islands are a wonderfull place to live the temperature at the moment is 34 in the shade (unusual for this time of year these are July/August temps. The terraine reminds me of when I went to Cabo San Lucas with a little more volcanic rock, however during the winter it does get very green and lots of wild flowers.

The crime rate here is low and the cost of living average and cheaper than the UK for everything except furniture and household items. However wages are also low in comparison to the UK.

Would I ever go back to the UK ?

You would have to drag me kicking and screaming LOL
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I love Lanzarote. I think it's the prettiest of the Canary Islands. Do you live north or south ? And can you live of a cattery there ????? I didn't think enough people with cats would take up the service ?
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I live in Tahiche which is in the middle about 10 mins from Costa Teguise and in direct line with the port outside Arrecife.

If you know Cesar Manrique's (the famous artist) house I live right behind it in the mountain I can see his house from mine.

The planes come over my house I love flying in and seeing it beneath me and thinking thank goodness I'm home.

There are only 2 other catteries on the island and they I believe are very busy. Lots and lots of ex pats come and go here constantly they are either going back to UK for visits or returning for good. Both ways they need someone to care for their cats. I have a long term boarder coming in at the end of the month for 6 months as he cannot return to the UK untill 6 months after his rabies blood test. I am expecting 2 more who's owners are going on holiday for 3 weeks part of which is back to the UK, and I have 2 that have been with me 6 weeks now and are due to fly back to the UK on around the 26th April.

I have bookings and I have not even advertised yet so I have my fingers crossed.

My neighbour does dogs and she is busy, at least I don't have to walk the cats every day LOl

I do have another business I am a clown - do not laugh.....I am a professional face painter and balloon artist so between the two I should be able to make a living.
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If you have a vaporizor or humidifier and can confine the kitties to a smaller area, that would help with the steam issue. I did this for 6 weeks with my Hannah cat when she was so sick with an URI.

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