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Sunday's DT

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Today is Me and Brian's 4th anniversary. We both slept in until 11 and it felt so nice knowing I didn't have to get out of bed early to go do something.

For my present he is paying for me to get another tattoo so went went out to some shop in Wareham by recommendation of a friend. Well the sign on the shop said it was closed but his hours were noon till 10pm. It being around 1 I thought it was weird but since I didn't have an appointment I didn't complain. After that we went to Hyannis and went to pin cushion. That was the place were I had gotten all my piercings done and knew the place was clean and legit so I feel much comfortable about going there.

I flipped through some of the art and came across a tatt of a black panther crawling down. It was perfect!! I have one of a panther crawling up my right shoulder so I decided I wanted one on my left shoulder crawling down. I spoke with the artist and asked him if he'd be able to make their panther look a bit more like mine.(My tatt has a bit more detail and the cat is more muscular). So he agreed and I set up an appointment for next Sunday to get it done. Now I'm all excited!!

After we got that squared away we went out to lunch and now we are back to the same boring ol routine. Oh well....

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!
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BadHabit - that tattoo sounds great! I wish I had the nerve to get one. I have had a busy day. Started with scrubbing cat puke from the carpet and laundrey. I went to church with my parent and then had to do some shopping for my sister's baby shower next Saturday. Picked some stuff up at Party Central and Costco. I got home and move all the winter wear into the basement. I managed to sit for 1/2 an hour and had dinner. My hubby smoked some baby back ribs (5hrs in the smoker) and he made some home made sweet Kansas City BBQ sauce for them. They were great. I just finished dusting and now I have do do an online search for some stuff my dad is looking for. It is only 6:30, but I feel ready for bed. Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight after Alias is over. I hope everyone had a more restful day then I did.
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Hey BadHabit, did you go to the tattoo place on Cranberry Hiway in Wareham?? I live pretty close to there, thats why I asked. Like I said in an earlier post, I don't have the nerve to get a tattoo, also hubby doesn't like them .He thinks they aren't feminine. Go figure.

What a beautiful day it was around here . I went to a friends house who is right on the ocean. My kids played at the beach and collected shells and dug in the sand. It was a big windy and I got cold so we didn't stay all that long. Then we went to my parents house ( which is also right on the water ) and I left my kids there so I could go shopping alone! That never happens!! It was fun, I got to go to Payless Shoes to buy new sneakers and browsed around TJ Maxx for a bit. Nice change without the little ones.

Tomorrow is Monday. ICK!!!!!!!!!
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Daniela, yes it was off of cranberry highway. I can't remember the name of it but it was a pink building. It was near Robertson's.
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Cool, I live about 5 min from there.

We'll have to get together sometime and talk cats!!
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Pretty boring day for me. I had a nice relaxing night last night while hubby was at the club. Watched a couple things I had recorded and played with the kitties. Of course I got the big guilt trip when he got home at 2:30. I figured this would be about the only time I would be able to do this, but it was worth it.

Jessica - that tat sounds very cool. I'm so jealous. I want another one really bad, but don't have the money.

Have a great Sunday everyone, and then back to the grind tomorrow...
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Today, I ventured out to the mall to look for a birthday present for my dad...well, I couldn't settle on anything I saw! It either was too expensive, or too small, too big, not his style...etc. So I decided to take him out for lunch sometime soon instead of getting him a present!! Also, I decided I wanted a change from my normal brown hair colour. So I bought myself a bleach kit, and away I went. I dyed it and it's awful!!!! I must have natural red highlights because it's not blonde, it's red, except right around the top where it did go blonde! I have a yellow horseshoe around the top of my head, and the rest is red. Yuk. I better buy a dark colour to cover up the mistakes!!!
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Falling rain, my mom had once purchased an at home frosting kit for her hair and decided that I should be the hair dresser. Now she has dark brown hair and wanted a little change. She basically wanted her hair to look like the model's on the package.

ANYWAY, for those of you that haven't frosted their hair before, you put on this plastic cap that has a bunch of little holes in it and you pull strands of hair through them and that's what gets frosted. Well I had never frosted anyone's hair before so I did what she told me. She said to pull hair through all the little holes and then apply the dye. So I did.... Then when it was all said and done I guess I had pulled too much through and almost every hair on her head was blonde!!:laughing:

She didn't think it was very funny but after she went back and read the directions it stated that you are not supposed to pull hair through ALL the holes, just the ones where you wanted the frost effect. Whoops!!
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Just remember, Rain, that if you get something too dark, when it fades the blonde part will take on a greenish tint. Happened to a girlfriend of mine. She was half Japanese and she went blonde over time because it made her look tanned, but in the fall she dyed it black again. By Christmas, it was khaki. Now that was the 80's and we were young so she just went with it, but I don't know if that's something you want! Better to go with a red, even a really brownish red or what they call "plum". I am naturally dark brown myself and going very gray, I use almost a fuschia color and even though the grays look magenta when I first color it, in a week it's just dark brown.

Daughter is gone this weekend. Jim took my car to the shop yesterday, so he left me his. He'll be collecting it later tonight so he can get to work tomorrow. I went yard saling with some friends yesterday. My best buy is a blender with a glass pitcher. I think I have another one still in storage somewhere, but I wanted one I can use to make slurry for making paper. Sparky has peed somewhere out of the cat box, I can smell it but I can't find it. I put him the bathroom with the new cat box, which they don't use. I'm very frustrated because the batteries for that darn LitterMaid are too expensive for me and I want to switch the cats, but they won't use anything else! So I have to keep scooping out the LitterMaid! Aaarrrggghhh! Today I've been catching up chores and some tv shows I recorded. Quiet day, but productive. Tomorrow, I have 2 replies to resumes to follow up with. Since I'm just looking for work, not pursuing a career path at this point, I'm pretty open to whatever turns up.
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