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quick question

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ok i'm tired so i will make this kinda quick and you'll have all night to answer. Me and Shiraz just moved to a new apartment last night, she peed and pooped in her litter box but when she was done pooping she dragged her butt on the carpet a lot, never saw her do that before (background: before we moved she was cooped up in my room at the other house [would attack roommate's cat if i didnt do that] and ALWAYS pooped on the carpet right outside her box, didnt know how to stop her, f.y.i. she's healthy, i'm sure it was behavioral... but today she did both in the box) ... well i just checked her butt and she had 2 wads of poop stuck to her fur (she's medium haired and is furry)... i cut them off but now do you think that will deter her from pooping in the box again, since she hasn't been prone to doing it anyways in the other house? they say if they have a bad experience pooping in the box they might not poop in it... i'm scared cuz i really am hoping she doesnt poop outside her box for the next 15-20 years that i have her... UGH stupid poop, why did it have to stick to her fur the first time she pooped in this place! thanks guys in advance... have been offline for a month or so, missed TCS... nitey nite
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I would not be overly concerned with one incident. It does not make a pattern.

If it continues, definitely have her checked for parasites. But, at this point I would not be worried. Btw, she did not poop outside of the box...she just carried some away with her, LOL. So I would not count that as a bad sign of potentially bad habits.
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