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Hello! I think my cats water broke!

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How long do you think before she will have the kittens?

We came home tonight around midnight and the cat came out of her little box we set up for her (which she loves to hang out in thank goodness!), and I noticed she had wet gunk all over her bottom. I'm sure it was her water breaking, but no kittens in the box and her belly is still huge and bulging, so no kittens yet. How long does this usually take? She seems VERY calm and relaxed though she does get up to turn around every 10 or 15 min. And she came out once to chow on some food. I think I am more nervous than she is! thanks.

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LOL, sounds like she is going to have them sometime tonight or tommorow morning. Obviously, that is just a laymans guess...but I'll bet I am right!

How exciting, please keep us updated!
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Hi Tricia - sorry I cant help with your questions as I have no idea... hopefully a more knowledgeable member will be along soon.

only advise I have is too take a deep breath and go grab yourself a coffee
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Sounds like it will be soon, watch for her licking "down there" then you know she's really close.

Good luck!
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Have you seen any contractions yet? It may look like she is pushing down. When this happens, one of the most considerate things you can do is to place the flat palm of one of your hands under her back feet to give her something to push against.
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My little rugrats started to appear 1 hour after their mum's waters broke yesterday. So it could be anytime soon for your pregnant mum!

I was nervous too, but hopefully all will go well. Enjoy and cherish the experience...it goes so quick!

Keep us updated!
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no kittens yet. Maybe it was a false alarm? She's just hanging out doing the usual, so I'm not sure what's going on.

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Update: 3:50 sunday

cow has had 3 kittens. 2 unfortunately didn't make it, infact I'm sure they were gone before they even came out. One is doing very well! I'm not sure if more are on the way or not. The labors go very quickly, Then she rests. She seems very peaceful and not in much pain at all. She's doing all she needs to be doing. I tried to revive both kittens that didn't make it but they weren't even moving at all, the other kitten was kicking and screaming from the second it's little head was out.
Cow was a stray who I posted about a few weeks ago, she was probably pregnant for a while before we let her in and realized she was pregnant, by that time she was HUGE, so I can't be sure what might have gone on while she was outside.

I am so thankful we have atleast one kitten that made it, and possibly more, I can't be positive yet. I will keep you updated and if there is any advice please let me know! Thanks.

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Congrats on the kitten and I am so sorry to hear 2 didn't make it.

I don't have any advice other than to keep doing what you are doing. And call the vet if things seem wrong.

Rest in peace little angels
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UPdate! 5:30

We've got another one that made it! Yay! I still don't know if there are anymore, but she seems to be doing OK so no worries. We'll just let her take her time, unless she starts to seem panicked or uncomfortable. She seems quite content though, as do the 2 kittens (though the first kitten is totally jealous of moms attention already! ).

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Aw, wonderful news! I hope you can posts some pictures eventually...I love seeing the new babies!
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Congrats on the 2 kittens, sorry about the ones who didn't make it
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