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I am sick with worry, need prayers!

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There was a terrible motorcycle in Columbia County, GA, just outside Augusta. It was a charity ride, and apparently a car hit several bikes, causing a pileup, killing one, and injuring many. Our oldest and dearest friend was on that ride, and we cannot reach any of our friends from the area. Any news I can find has not released any names. Please send up a prayer that it was not Wayne. Thanks.
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oh no! definitely in my thoughts! hope your friend is okay!
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Sending many prayers your way that everyone is okay
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Consider it done, and sent. My thoughts with you and Wayne.
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Sending lots of vibes! hugs
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I've got my fingers crossed that your friend wasn't involved.
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I've recently started going to church....So I will use this as a prayer, because I never know what to pray for.

Hope all is ok. Lots of vibes sending your way
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I hope your friend was not injured...sending many "please be safe" vibes and prayers.
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any news yet? I hope it wasn't your friend
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Here's hoping for the best.

The local bikers did a charity ride yesterday for the family of a biker who died in the November 6 tornado here.
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Lots of thoughts and prayers with you at this difficult time. I will keep my fingers crossed that its not your friend. *hugs*
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I hope your friend and the others are okay.
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I'm praying for your friend and the others involved.
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and positive vibes that it's not your friend!
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My thoughts are with your friend and all the others involved as well. Keep us posted.
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Apparently he slept in and was home in bed, safe and sound when it happened. I hate that anyone was killed or injured, but I cannot imagine how devastated we would have been to lose Wayne. He has been my friend for nearly 30 years, and my SO's friend for nearly that long. We had a case of puppy love in high school.
I still have not been able to find out who was killed and injured, we still may have friends involved. We were both born and raised in that area, and rode those roads for many years. One man is confirmed dead, one woman lost a leg, and the number reported of serious injuries is as high as 20.
A woman, drunk, ran a stop sign in front of about 70 motorcycles, and as many as 40 were involved in the crash. She was not injured, nor was the toddler in the back seat. She had better just stay in jail, she is probably safer. About the only good thing is that the law in that county is VERY tough on drunk drivers, so she will be punished properly, or as properly as murderer can be. This makes me so angry! How could anyone not see or hear 70 MOTORCYCLES?!
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Man, she must've been really drunk. thank goodness the baby wasn't harmed.
Condolences to the family of the man who died, and my thoughts are with the injured riders. That sounds like a horrible accident.
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What a blessing a blessing that the Lord allowed Wayne to sleep in and miss the ride! This is such a relief!
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Whew! Thank you GOD for Wayne's safety, and please send comfort and healing to the injured, the survivors who lost a loved one; the toddler who has a drunk mother I cannot imagine how the drunk driver will be able to feel any comfort ever again; I wonder how awful her life must have been to be driving that drunk, with her child in the car - and where the baby's father fits in to the picture (obviously not the loving, caring provider to his family). Such tragedy
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I feel sorry for the baby to have such a mother
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I just read this and sent prayers right after I read the 1st post. Thank God your friend Wayne is ok!

As for the mother... I have no words.
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