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Comforting My Cat

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I have two beautiful cats. 4 year old brother and sister. Both are very friendly and the male cuddles with me constantly. When he is near me and begins to stir, I have made a "shh, shh, shh" sound. This always wakes him up, he meows loudly and attempts to pull in closer. Given the same situation, he does not even blink at other sounds and the "shh" sound gets no reaction from his sister. Any ideas?

Sorry for the confusion. My question was not so much about how to comfort him as both of them are extremely social and very comfortable. It seems when he is near and I make the sound it is almost disturbing to him and he comes closer for comfort. I was just curious if others had experienced anything like it or if the behavior is just one more thing that add to his charm.
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I'm not sure what your question is?
The shhh sound to some cats is sort of threatening, we make it to get the cats away from the door at home. I think it sounds sort of like a snake? Anyway, I usually make a clucking noise, sort of like a click between my tongue and that ridge between my teeth and the roof of my mouth, or else a kissy noise to get Zissou to come over.
Otherwise, I think it just comes down to the individuality of cats. When the boy is cuddling with you and you make that noise, maybe he has learned that it is affectionate, while his sister who has not had these experiences so has no association to make with this noise. You could try petting the girl while making this noise so she will learn to associate it with the same thing.
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Interesting points Zissousmom. I never really thought about it, but I don't think I make that 'shh, shh, shh' sound. I pretty much talk really soft with my cats and they seem to 'know' the words of comfort...because they dig in and snuggle more.
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I think cats learn the meaning of many of the sounds we make just be frequent repetition. So basically, whatever works.....
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The Ssh sound is like hissing (aggression) to a cat, and I'd be surprised if they didn't react negatively.
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If my cats seem upset or bothered I usually just "sweet talk" them and give them pets and scritches.
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